[HU]/[EN] Reminiscence Boulevard: Lengyel, magyar – két jó barát

Lengyel-magyar két jó barát Együtt harcol s issza borát Vitéz s bátor mindkettője Áldás szálljon mindkettőre This short and old story is about friendship between peoples from Poland and Hungary. Few months ago I meet in Budapest two new hungarian friends: Zoltán Horváth {TWITTER} and Janos Berke {TWITTER}. We talked about community, knowledge, experience, user […]

[EN] New instalation versus existing feature: SQL Connect in VS2012

My environment is not very complicated: just windows platform, some sql server instances, recording stuff, bloggers kit, visual studio installation and some third party (vendors) tools. One of them, installed ‘by default’ in my Visual Studio 2012 instance is SQL Connect by RedGate {LINK}.  Ingeniously simple database development in Visual Studio.  Connected, source-controlled database development […]