[PL] Nowa funkcjonalność LinkedIn

Zespół (zazwyczaj jednoosobowy) BizStone (współtwórca platformy Twitter) poinformował o udostępnieniu aplikacji agregującej kanały Twitter z kontaktów znajdujących się na liście użytkowników z którymi jesteśmy "zLinkedIn’owani". Dzięki tej funcjonalności możemy po pierwsze sprawdzić którzy z naszych znajomych posiadają własny kanał na Twitterze i od razu ich zasubskrybować. Po drugie na naszej stronie głównej (home) pojawia się box z sybskrybowanymi kanałami. Moim zdaniem bardzo ciekawa funkcjonalność, której brakowało – pozwala bowiem zaoszczędzić czas na wyszukiwaniu kanałów swoich znajomych, a przeciez zależy nam (najczęściej) co ciekawego piszą. Aplikacja jest dostępna pod adresem Tweets app on LinkedIn. Ciekawym dodatkiem jest też strona Suggestions for You, która "podpowiada" nam co mogłoby dla nas być interesujące.

[EN] Do You like Idera solutions? Take one product free!

Logo_IDERA If You are MVP, and like (or want) some interesting tools for SQL Server or SharePoint Server go to the IDERA site and take one product with Your personal license for free. You can choose one from a several very nice tools:

SQL Server Products Enterprise Software:
SQL compliance manager – Capture, audit & alert on SQL Server activity
SQL defrag manager – Automate & optimize database defragmentation 
SQL diagnostic manager – SQL Server performance monitoring, alerting and diagnostics 
SQL safe backup – Accelerate, compress and encrypt database backups
SQL secure – Manage SQL Server security and permissions

Must-Have Tools for DBA’s & Developers:
SQL admin toolset – 25 essential SQL Server administration tools
SQL comparison toolset – SQL Server object and data comparison
SQL safe lite – SQL Server backup compression
SQL virtual database – Access data in SQL Server backup files without restoring

Tools Bundle:
SQL toolbox – Essential tools for DBAs and developers

SharePoint Products
SharePoint backup – Backup and Recover SharePoint
SharePoint diagnostic manager – Enterprise-class performance and availability monitoring for SharePoint 
SharePoint migration suite – Architect, organize and migrate SharePoint content
SharePoint information architect – Capture, visualize, edit and deploy SharePoint Taxonomies
SharePoint content organizer – Tag and organize your SharePoint content in bulk 
SharePoint migration manager – Migrate and organize SharePoint content
SharePoint security manager – Fast, effective SharePoint security administration
SharePoint admin toolset – 11 Tools to Simplify SharePoint Management

PowerShell Products
PowerShell Plus – Advanced PowerShell development environment

This offer is valid only for current MVP’s. Get this HERE. Really nice, isn’t?

[EN] 1st PASS SQL Azure Virtual Chapter Meeting

LOGO_SQLAzure_rgbToday is the DAY. Based on request from PASS members we starting with PASS SQL Azure Virtual Chapter. The goal of this VC is to make it one of the best online resources to get to know the anything and most everything about SQL Azure.  We have meetings on the second Wednesday of every other month.  Our group meets online via Netmeeting and can be attended from anywhere in the world.

Our first meeting will start at 03:00 PM PST [11:00 PM GMT].

Today You have a chance to meet two fantastic persons:

our host Scott Klein (SQL Server MVP) who will introduce to SQL Azure Chapter, and

our guest (today from Melbourne): David Robinson  he will presenting session “Introduction to SQL Azure (level 100)

Session Abstract:
Microsoft SQL Azure Database is a cloud-based relational database service built on SQL Server technologies. It provides a highly available, scalable, multi-tenant database service hosted by Microsoft in the cloud. SQL Azure Database helps to ease provisioning and deployment of multiple databases. Join us as we introduce you to the SQL Azure world and help you to understand the benefits that it can provide.

Speaker Bio:
Scott Klein
is co-founder of Blue Syntax Consulting, a company that specializes in Azure training and consulting. Scott has been working with SQL Server for nearly 20 years, working with companies large and small all over the United States, working in a wide scope of fields such as medical, finance, and retail. Scott is also a veteran author, having written a number of books including Professional SQL Server XML, Professional LINQ, Pro ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.0, and the soon to be released Pro SQL Azure. Scott is a SQL Server MVP and President of the South Florida SQL Server Users Group and the newly formed Azure PASS Virtual Chapter. He speaks frequently as SQL Saturday events and user groups, and was lucky enough to speak at the 2008 European PASS conference in 2008.

David Robinson is a Senior Program Manager on the SQL Azure team. David is responsible for a multitude of things including driving product features, code samples, and most importantly demonstrating to customers the value that SQL Azure and cloud computing provides.  You can often find him speaking on Channel 9 or TechEd.

All details and registration HERE