[EN} BIDS Helper version 1.6.5 released

BIDSHelperSmallLogoTwo days ago (January 7th) new version of BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio) Helper has been released /and yesterday Jan. 8th files has been updated/. This fantastic feature is an add-in using for Business Intelligence projects with:

  • Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005
  • Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012 for SQL Server 2012

When You get file from CodePlex, unzipping, and installing, You will get access for many features:

  • Analysis Services Multidimensional:

Aggregation Manager Calculation Helpers Column Usage Reports Delete Unused Aggregations Delete Unused Indexes Deploy Aggregation Designs Deploy MDX Script Deploy Perspectives Dimension Data Type Discrepancy Check Dimension Health Check Dimension Optimization Report Duplicate Role Many-to-Many Matrix Compression Measure Group Health Check Non-Default Properties Report Parent-Child Dimension Naturalizer Printer Friendly Aggregations Printer Friendly Dimension Usage Roles Report Similar Aggregations Smart Diff Show Extra Properties Sync Descriptions Test Aggregation Performance Tri-State Perspectives Update Estimated Counts Validate Aggregations Visualize Attribute Lattice

  • Analysis Services Tabular:

 Roles Report Smart Diff Tabular Actions Editor Tabular Display Folders Tabular HideMemberIf Tabular Pre-Build Tabular Sync Descriptions Tabular Translations Editor Tabular Annotation Workaround Unused Columns Report 

  • Integration Services:

Batch Property Update Biml Package Generator Create Fixed Width Columns Deploy SSIS Packages Design Warnings dtsConfig File Formatter Expression and Configuration Highlighter Expression List Fix Relative Paths Non-Default Properties Report Pipeline Component Performance Breakdown Reset GUIDs Smart Diff Sort Project Files Sortable Package Properties Report SSIS Performance Visualization Variables Window Extensions

  • Reporting Services:

 Dataset Usage Reports Delete Dataset Cache Files Smart Diff

  • General:

Enable/Disable features Preferences Version Notification

From add-in’s download page You can choose from few versions:

  • BIDSHelper2012Setup( | application, 1743K, uploaded Tue – 141 downloads
  • BIDSHelper2012_1_6_5_0.zip | application, 2317K, uploaded Tue – 17 downloads
  • BIDSHelper2008Setup( | application, 1711K, uploaded Tue – 80 downloads
  • BIDSHelper2008_1_6_5_0.zip | application, 2277K, uploaded Tue – 16 downloads
  • BIDSHelper2005Setup( | application, 1711K, uploaded Tue – 16 downloads
  • BIDSHelper2005_1_6_5_0.zip | application, 2276K, uploaded Tue – 5 downloads

And when You get Your favorite… let’s play.

[EN] Start Coding for Fun! Get Achievements!

I’m not a coder. And I’m not a developer too. But… occasionally I’m using Visual Studio for part of my projects oriented for SQL Server, SharePoint or Azure Services. But always, always I love fun and enjoy sharing something named “Grywalizacja” (in my natural language) which means living with the part of daily gaming between peoples. And sometimes between me and myself. So with working of Visual Studio 2010 and or Visual Studio 2012 we can play with: “Coding for Fun”.  You can download special extension for both of those tools and install it in similar processes:


Pict. 01 | Installation and accepting license agreement for Visual Studio 2010


Pict. 02 | Installation and accepting license agreement for Visual Studio 2012


Pict. 03 | Confirmation…


Pict. 04 | Loading components…

Installation files are very small: 460 KB available HERE for VS2012 and 770 KB availalbe HERE for VS2012.

After installation and opening Visual Studio for collecting points and padges You have to log in to Channel 9 (by log in or creating account). And from this moment You will start to collecting points and badges i several categories:

  • Customizing Visual Studio
  • Don’t Try This At Home
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Just For Fun
  • Power Coder
  • Security
  • Unleashing Visual Studio
  • Unleashing Windows Azure
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Azure SDK Guru
  • Windows Azure Toolkit Wizard


Pict. 05 | Authorizing for Channel 9

Unlocked and all locked badges are availalble in menu of Visual Studio and of course in Your Channel 9 account.


Pict. 06 | Unlocked badges after first day of using.


List of the badges and acievements is very big, and  – as I said before – it’s just for fun, but it could increasing Your “wanting” for working with Visual Studio. Actually You will work with version 3.0 of achievement programm, with special new twenty badges oriented for Modern Apps and Clouds. Full information Yopu will find in Release Notes. And here is the HeadQuater of Visual Studio Achievements.

Just Start Coding For Fun and ENJOY!

[EN] SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit

As a Pinal Dave { BLOG | TWITTER } wrote on his blog

“…I have found that developer training kits are the best starting point for any product…”

I can’t disagree with that, too. Any DTK (Developer Training Kits) are not only interesting, useful and absolutely necessary for taking new ideas, new knowledge, new skills. I this post I will focusing about only one from many DTK.

Developer Training Kit for SQL Server 2012? It is excellent package with presentations, demos, videos, tutorials and hands-on labs for SQL server 2012, SQL Azure, Visual Studio 2010 and fragmentary for SharePoint 2010. For installation You need: SQL Server 2012 RTM, Visual Studio 2010 SP1, Office 2010 SP1 and SharePoint 2010 SP1. Before You will start to work with this I suggest checking those places:

  • SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit Content (en-US) | with full information about idea of DTK including types of content, orientation for consumer model, and way for publishing.
  • SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit BOM (en-US) | very detailed information and direct links for slides, records, scripts, demos
  • SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit Virtual Machine | links for full detailed information “How to build your own virtual machines  prepared for those labs: KIWI for single environment & EMU for testing AlwaysOn solution (both as *.vhd)

If You are interesting, which topics are included in this package, just look for the list of the contest:

Day 1: Introduction and Database Engine Topics
◦Module 1: Introduction to SQL Server 2012
◦Module 2: Introduction to SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn
◦Module 3: Exploring and Managing SQL Server 2012 Database Engine Improvements
◦Module 4: SQL Server 2012 Database Server Programmability

Day 2: Visual Studio, .NET and Business Intelligence Topics
◦Module 5: SQL Server 2012 Application Development
◦Module 6: SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Information Management
◦Module 7: SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence

•Hands-On Labs◦
◦Topic: SQL Server 2012 Database Engine
◦Topic: Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0
◦Topic: SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Information Management
◦Topic: SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence
◦Topic: Windows Azure and SQL Azure

** *** **


Pic. 1 | Beginning of Installation.


Pic. 2 | Accepting the license.image

Pic. 3 | Destination Folders.


Pic. 4 | Dependencies past one – you can choose which you want.


Pic. 5 | Dependencies part two – if you don’t one any , you can skip.


Pic. 6 | After installing dependencies you can download and install labs, presentations, manuals


Pic. 7 | Almost last step – downloading


 Pic. 8 | And the last – Installation Summary


SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit Web Installer

SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit BOM (en-US)