[EN]/[NL] T-7 Days till my next session… at SDN Event in Zeist


Het SDN Event van vrijdag 11 september is het volgende SDN Event van 2015. We hebben dan een vol programma met uiteenlopende sessies. Deze keer hebben we als speciale gasten Claus Nielsen uit Denemarken met PowerShell gerelateerde sessies, Tobiasz Janusz Koprowski origineel uit Polen maar wonend in Engeland over SQL Azure databases en Stephen Ball uit Engeland over Delphi in de Cloud en IoT. Kortom een mooi gevuld event met super onderwerpen verdeeld over 4 volle tracks.

A week in advance announcement, I’m very happy to be one of the three foreign speakers at Autumn’ Conference of Software Development Network in Zeist (The Netherland). Everything began two months ago when Roel Hans BethlehemTechnical Director and SharePoint Architect at Rapid Circle {TWITTER|LINKEDIN|FACEBOOK|BLOG} send me kind request as a result of sending a birthday wishes. This case is a proof – be open, connect to community and you will be awarded sooner or later. I checked my calendar and said YES! It’s very good beginning for my new speakers season. Season Six. It’s not new event. This community – even brand new for me – is well known in The Netherlands.

Four rooms, several international speakers, Azure Services, PowerShell, Delphi, Security, XML, AML and more. Here is the list of all sessions:

Zaal 1
Microsoft Band | Roy Jansen
Een andere kijk op Microservices | Dennis van der Stelt
Reverse Engineering ten behoeve van security analyses | Michiel van der Sluis
DevOps and ALM
| Hassan Fadili

Zaal PowerShell
PowerShell and what is new in Version 5 | Claus Nielsen
Open your application to Powershell
| Eric Tummers
Speeding up PowerShell (Pro and ConsHow can you optimize your PowerShell scripts? | Claus Nielsen
Bouwen van een cross-platform app met één codebase | Klaas Polinder
A Lap around Chrome apps and extensionsGoogle Chrome | Fanie Reynders

Zaal 3
Using OWIN to build atonomous HTTP-based .NET components that you can host anywhere | Dennis Doomen
Distributed Systems principles | Dennis van der Stelt
Nieuwe mogelijkheden van Azure Websites
| Eelco Koster
Zaal Delphi
Client-server systeem gebaseerd op de classes TIdTCPClient | Herbert Schrama
REST Web Services met XML
| Bob Swart
Using Azure Translator Services with Delphi
| Stephen Ball
Getting Connected with IoT and Delphi | Stephen Ball
InterBase XE7 & Change Views | Stephen Ball


If you noticed only three sessions in Zaal 3 – that’s right. It is place for me. I will present two sessions (which is and obligation for foreign speakers and which in my opinion really good idea) both in Zaal 3:

  • Windows Azure SQL Database for Beginners … at 10:00 in the morning
  • SQL Server Source Control in the Cloud Beginners at 13:00

More details and registration are available at the conference page: http://www.sdn.nl/EVENTS/11-september-2015 

PS. Because I’m in Friends of Redgate Program I will bring special swags from RedGate to audience of this conference. So wait for final raffle!

[EN] September 2015 and my public speaking and presence

public-speaking_thumb3Holiday is over. Finally. Even not for me ‘cos from begining of this year I work in different model – I’m my boss – and I really love my job – so I have holiday always or never. Anyway. I have few corfirmed sessions at deferent conferences with different countries, and few conferences where I will be attendee (almost only attendee). Here is the list and I’m sure that we will meet somewhere. 


To hear someone, to see someone, to meet someone, to be inspired. My plans are a little flexible (even my calendar is not):


  • SQL Saturday #411|Cambridge,England|12th September {SITE}
  • CloudSEC|London,England|17th September {SITE}
  • CyberSEC Forum|Cracow,Poland|28th-29th September {SITE|TWITTER|FACEBOOK}

User Groups Meetings:

  • Sekcja Bezpieczeństwa Informacji|Wroclaw, Poland|30th September {SITE}

Workshops & Trainings:

  • Data Culture Days|London,England|22nd September {SITE} |full workshop by Microsoft: Dashboard in a Day



Speaking is most important part of all my events. As many of us – The Speakers – we love it. So, of course I will have some chance to increasing my speakers skills here:

User Groups Meetings:

  • Sekcja Bezpieczeństwa Informacji|Wroclaw, Poland|30th September {SITE} | just short introductionary session


  • Software Development Network Event|Zeist,Netherlands|11th September {SITE}|two sessions: Windows Azure SQL Database for Beginners and SQL Server Source Control in the Cloud
  • SQL Saturday #413 | Denmark|Copenhagen,Denmark|19th September {SITE}|session: Azure SQL Database Tips and Tricks for Beginners
  • SQL Saturday #434 | Holland|Utrecht,Netherlands|25th-26th September {SITE}|session: SQL Security in the Cloud

Workshops & Trainings:

  • SQL Saturday #434 | Holland|Utrecht,Netherlands|25th September {REGISTRATION}|full day pre-conf: Windows Azure SQL Database: A Journey from Zero to be Hero {level 200}


As You can see, a lot of places and dates where and when you ca meet me. Hope you will find amoment to say Hi!

[EN] Last SQL Saturday in 2014

sqlsat356_webTuesday, after two intensive weeks when I delivered two five days course {one about IIS 8 in Oslo, second about SharePoint in Reykjavik – both with CQURE Academy} I’m going to leaving Leicestershire. Next few days will be very intensive for me (and I’m very happy that not only for me). My trip route for this week is simple: London>Warsaw>Belgrade>Ljubljana. For next is simple too: Ljubljana>Belgrade>Warsaw>Wroclaw. What will happen between routes? My last SQL Saturday session. First time in Ljubljana (I had no chance to attend year ago, but this time definitely yes).

Limited numbers of attendees and limited numbers of sessions, but both: session and speakers list – hardest choice ever:

Alexander Karl | Reporting Services with Geospatial Visualization
Andre Kamman | ORM Tuning From A Database Perspective
Boris Hristov | The nightmare of locking, blocking and isolation levels!
Davide Mauri | BI Markup Language – BI to the next level (EN)
Denis Reznik | Deadlocks 2.0. Everything that developer needs to know
Denny Cherry | Index Internals
Denny Cherry | Table Indexing for the .NET Developer
Gianluca Sartori | Responding to extended events in near real time
Gilberto Zampatti | Columnstore indexes, concepts and evolution
Janos Berke | High Availability – Partial Database Availabilty
John Martin | AlwaysOn for Multi-site & multi-subnet
Jonathan Allen | How to look after SQL Server without needing a DBA
Kevin Boles | Common TSQL Mistakes
Margarita Naumova | A deep dive into SQL Server Plan Cache Management
Mihail Mateev | Dealing with Entity Framework 6.1
Milos Radivojevic | Hekaton Challenges from Database Development Point of View
Rasmus Reinholdt | Building a meta-driven near realtime ETL solution with BIML and SSIS
Regis Baccaro | SharePoint as a Business Intelligence platform
Saso Koren | SSAS in multi-lingual environments: tips & tricks
Stacia Misner | Multidimensional vs Tabular – May the Best Model Win
Tobiasz Koprowski | SQL Server Source Control
Tomaz Kastrun | Usage of R in SQL Server for better data understanding
Uwe Ricken | INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE – deep dive
William Durkin | Database Replication – What, How and Why

Official language – will be English, but I’m sure that Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Deutch, Polish, American English, British English, Italian, SLovenian, Dutch, Hungarian will be easy to hear somewhere arround.

Details, full agenda, registration (waiting list) for conference and one of two pre-conf are HERE 

PS.: If you going – please use event scheduler and choose right sessions for you. If not, please de-register for giving place for attendees on waiting list.