[EN} BIDS Helper version 1.6.5 released

BIDSHelperSmallLogoTwo days ago (January 7th) new version of BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio) Helper has been released /and yesterday Jan. 8th files has been updated/. This fantastic feature is an add-in using for Business Intelligence projects with:

  • Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005
  • Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012 for SQL Server 2012

When You get file from CodePlex, unzipping, and installing, You will get access for many features:

  • Analysis Services Multidimensional:

Aggregation Manager Calculation Helpers Column Usage Reports Delete Unused Aggregations Delete Unused Indexes Deploy Aggregation Designs Deploy MDX Script Deploy Perspectives Dimension Data Type Discrepancy Check Dimension Health Check Dimension Optimization Report Duplicate Role Many-to-Many Matrix Compression Measure Group Health Check Non-Default Properties Report Parent-Child Dimension Naturalizer Printer Friendly Aggregations Printer Friendly Dimension Usage Roles Report Similar Aggregations Smart Diff Show Extra Properties Sync Descriptions Test Aggregation Performance Tri-State Perspectives Update Estimated Counts Validate Aggregations Visualize Attribute Lattice

  • Analysis Services Tabular:

 Roles Report Smart Diff Tabular Actions Editor Tabular Display Folders Tabular HideMemberIf Tabular Pre-Build Tabular Sync Descriptions Tabular Translations Editor Tabular Annotation Workaround Unused Columns Report 

  • Integration Services:

Batch Property Update Biml Package Generator Create Fixed Width Columns Deploy SSIS Packages Design Warnings dtsConfig File Formatter Expression and Configuration Highlighter Expression List Fix Relative Paths Non-Default Properties Report Pipeline Component Performance Breakdown Reset GUIDs Smart Diff Sort Project Files Sortable Package Properties Report SSIS Performance Visualization Variables Window Extensions

  • Reporting Services:

 Dataset Usage Reports Delete Dataset Cache Files Smart Diff

  • General:

Enable/Disable features Preferences Version Notification

From add-in’s download page You can choose from few versions:

  • BIDSHelper2012Setup( | application, 1743K, uploaded Tue – 141 downloads
  • BIDSHelper2012_1_6_5_0.zip | application, 2317K, uploaded Tue – 17 downloads
  • BIDSHelper2008Setup( | application, 1711K, uploaded Tue – 80 downloads
  • BIDSHelper2008_1_6_5_0.zip | application, 2277K, uploaded Tue – 16 downloads
  • BIDSHelper2005Setup( | application, 1711K, uploaded Tue – 16 downloads
  • BIDSHelper2005_1_6_5_0.zip | application, 2276K, uploaded Tue – 5 downloads

And when You get Your favorite… let’s play.

[EN] A little bit words about Juneau… phase one

LOGO__SSDT_JuneauCTP3Juneau. Very close to Denali (code name of next edition of SQL Server). But what is it exactly? Few days ago (about 11th July) Microsoft delivered for SQL Server Peoples new version of new tool. His (or her?) name is Juneau. It is capitol of the state of Alaska. On the other side: it is SQL Server Developer Tools (SSDT) in version 3 of Community Technology Preview. Yes I know. Where I have been on CTP1 and CTP2 time? Somewhere… but not here. Hope to see CTP3 as last before next SQL Server release.

What exactly Juneau is: based Microsoft Product Team public information: …is a project announced at SQL PASS on November 9, 2011. SSDT represents our continued investment and commitment to integrating data into the development experience when targeting SQL Server and SQL Azure.  SSDT unifies SQL Server and SQL Azure development for both professional database and application developers. Integrated within the Visual Studio environment, it accelerates development of T-SQL, Reporting, Integration Services, Analysis Services, and data-enabled .NET projects. In addition, SSDT can be installed standalone without Visual Studio, a commitment we are making to professional database administrators (DBAs) that want the full set of SQL Server schema and T-SQL capabilities, but not necessarily the full Visual Studio application development environment. SSDT will ship with the next release of SQL Server (SQL Server code-named “Denali”) in 2012, and the public Community Technology Preview 3 (CTP3) will be publicly downloadable this summer at the same time as the SQL Server “Denali” CTP3. SSDT supports SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server “Denali”, and SQL Azure development

As I wrote before this CTP3 is available for everyone, so You can go HERE for downloading, or wait for may next post to know a little bit more about installation. About the requirements… Microsoft said: because it is installing via Web Installer, all what You need will be downloading and installing in the process of installation Juneau. Uff. I hate this sentence. So next post will be about requirements, and next one about installation… In the meantime short announcement look like this:


Upss… I forgot, in next posts I’ll use different system (probably I have one in English…)

This post is my first in the series of few posts about this tool. Next posts I will write as soon as possible…