[EN] SharePoint 2013 December 2014 CU is available

LOGO__SharePoint2013_bigintoMicrosoft SharePoint Product Group released two important updates packs in December: one for the SharePoint 2010 and one for the SharePoint 2013. In this post I writing about newest SharePoint product. Before you will go to download and install you should remember that this December 2014 Cumulative Update for the SharePoint 2013 (buld no 15.0.4675.1000) require SharePoint Server 2013 Service Pack 1 or March 2013 Product Update (PU) for SharePoint 2013, adnd this cumulative update does not include Service Pack 1, and the SharePoint Server 2013 CU contains the SharePoint Foundation CU, and the SharePoint Server 2013 with Project Server CU contains Project Server CU, SharePoint Server CU and SharePoint Foundation CU. Just be aware.

This time we get four goups of files and four knowledge base articles for all updates:

  • KB 2910945 – about SharePoint Foundation 2013 and few fixed problems
  • Assume that you configure a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) token provider for a SharePoint 2013 site. Then, you add the CookieHandler.Domain property to the web.config file of the site. When your session to the site is expired, you may be unable to log on to the site again.
  • When you browse to a SharePoint 2013 page that contains an UpdatePanel control, the page may be refreshed randomly. Therefore, if you type something in a text field on the page, the text field may become empty.
  • This hotfix improves managerial effectiveness in SharePoint 2013 by letting the administrators manage the language settings by using the Client Object Model.
  • Assume that you add an XsltListView Web Part to a SharePoint 2013 page, and the Web Part contains a link to another SharePoint 2013 site. When you click the link, you are redirected to an error page.
  • Assume that you create a subsite in a SharePoint 2013 site collection, then you open the Site Settings page of this subsite. When you try to open the Site columns page, it may take long time than expected.
  • Assume that you add an item that contains a choice field to a SharePoint library or list, and the field contains an ampersand (&) character, and then you save it. When you select the item and then click the View Item button or theView Properties button, the ampersand (&) character in the choice field does not appear correctly.
  • Assume that you send an email message that contains many attachments from an iPhone to a SharePoint 2013 document library. In this situation, the email message that is sent to the document library may contain an empty attachment that has no file name. Additionally, the other attachments may be missing.
  • Assume that you create a Lookup column in a custom list, and the lookup column gets information from a Date and Time type column. Then you create a standard view and set the lookup column in the Group By section. When you display the view in the custom list, the date is displayed in an incorrect format (MM/DD/YY instead of DD/MM/YY).
  • Assume that you open the Schedule page of a project in Project Web App (PWA). When you click the Print button on the Options tab to view the print preview information, the task bar is missing from the Gantt chart in the print preview window.
  • This hotfix improves managerial effectiveness in SharePoint 2013 by letting the administrators configure the SPSite.SecondaryContact property by using CSOM APIs.
  • You may be unable to create sub-folders while you are creating many sub-folders inside a folder in parallel.
  • After you run a content deployment job on a SharePoint 2010 Server, additional thumbnails of the original thumbnails are generated.
  • KB 2910938 – about SharePoint Server 2013 and few fixed problems
  • This hotfix improves crawl performance for SharePoint 2013 when deadlocks occur in the link databases.
  • This hotfix improves the accuracy of the Most Popular Items report by counting the usage event statistics for all documents in a SharePoint 2013 library.
  • This hotfix improves the @Mention feature on My Site pages by displaying the login when you move the pointer over a display name. This improvement helps you distinguish different users who share the same display name.
  • Assume that you configure a SharePoint 2010 farm to consume a Search service application of a SharePoint 2013 farm. Then you configure alternate access mappings for the SharePoint 2010 farm. In this situation, when you search for content in the SharePoint 2010 search center, the URLs that appear in the search result are incorrect.
  • In some cases the "Did you mean" spelling correction feature does not work on a multi-node SharePoint 2013 search farm.
  • In multi-node SharePoint 2013 search farm setup, the restart of the primary indexer node (for example for maintenance or applying updates) may cause a restart of the secondary node which results in a query outage during the restart of the primary node. This fix makes sure that the restart of the primary node does not lead to a restart of the secondary node. Therefore, the search service will still be available.
  • Assume that you sign in a SharePoint 2013 site by using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)-based claims authentication. When you search for content in the site, no result is returned.
  • When you use enterprise search in a SharePoint 2013-based server, the Best Bets feature may not work.
  • KB 2910911 – about SharePoint Server 2013 with Project Server and six important problems has been fixed
  • Assume that you add actual work to a task in a timesheet and then save it. Later, the project manager publishes another task, and the new task appears on the same timesheet. You add actual work to the new task and you submit the timesheet for approval. In this situation, the timesheet line for approval of the new task is not displayed in the Approval center.
  • Assume that you change the working time of the enterprise calendar associated with your project to a nondefault working timesuch as 9:00-17:00. Then you publish a task. You go to the Tasks page in Project Web App (PWA), then you change the finish date and the duration of the task and save the change. In this situation, both the finish hour and the task duration are incorrect.
  • Assume that you create a risk or an issue for a project in PWA, then you save it. When you visit a Project Centerview that includes Active Risks and Active Issues fields, the values are always zero.
  • Assume that you have a custom field that is defined to include a lookup table and the table contains many values. In this situation, you may be unable to select lookup table values from the custom field on a Project Detail Pages page that shows this field.
  • Assume that you apply a filter in the Approval Center in PWA. When you refresh the page, or when you go back to the Approval Center after you visit other pages, the filter is not applied though it is already set in the ribbon.
  • Assume that you set a baseline for a project, and then you publish and check in the project in PWA. When you open theSchedule project details page, the baseline value is incorrect. For example, the baseline value should be $1.00. However, it is displayed as $100.00
  • KB 2899574 – about Office Web Apps Server 2013 and just one small problem
  • You may be unable to create sub-folders while you are creating many sub-folders inside a folder in parallel.

You can downolad all necessary files (in total ca 10 GB size) directly from download center (almost directly – ‘cos you have to fill mail address twice uthorization code and next you will get download link on email message). Be aware tahta based on size of updates (eg. for SharePoint Server 2013 size is close to 3.5 GB) Microsoft splitted files for one .EXE file anf two .CAB files which are downloaded separately, but all are necessary for installation process:

After installing the fixes you need to run the SharePoint 2013 Products Configuration Wizard on each machine in the farm.

More related important links (from SharePoint Release Team) are below:

[EN] European SharePoint Day 2012

LOGO__EuropeanSharePointDayEuropean SharePoint Conference will be held in February 2013 in Copenhagen {LINK HERE}.  Conference is really big, not cheap, but with dozens of deep technical sessiona and some workshops. Before You will go – even You don’t decide yet – You can attend for one day virtual event.

European SharePoint Day 2012 is one day, is free and is interactive – with chat, questions and answers. Look for the sessions:


Preparing for SharePoint 2013
Dan Holme, MVP, Intelliem, USA | 27th November Live at 10:00 GMT
SharePoint 2013 has been released, and will soon be arriving on a farm near you. Join SharePoint MVP Dan Holme for a look at this significant update to SharePoint and its impact on your business – from governance to infrastructure, to end users.  Chart a vision for the role and the roll-out of SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, and identify the factors that will drive funding for and adoption of SharePoint 2013 in your organisation. Most importantly, establish management practices now that will facilitate your upgrade to or co-existence with SharePoint 2013.

Exclusive Video Message From Jared Spataro
Senior Director of SharePoint, Microsoft | 27th November Live at 10:30 GMT
Watch an exclusive video message from Jared Spataro, Senior Director of SharePoint, Microsoft, direct to the European SharePoint Community! Jared speaks live from  SPC 2012 in Vegas, summarising the new features of  SharePoint 2013. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the full SPC 2012 keynote, Jared covers all the highlights in this exclusive video summary!

Consuming SharePoint 2013 from a Windows Store App for Windows 8
Paolo Pialorsi, DevLeap, Italy | 27th November Live at 11:15 GMT
This webinar is a sneak preview of the new Web API offered by SharePoint 2013 for consuming data from any remote device. In particular, you will learn how to leverage this new feature from a Windows Store App for Windows 8. Thus, you will also have a very quick introduction to developing Windows Store Apps.

Getting Started with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint 2013 Online Development
Jeremy Thake, MVP MCT, AvePoint Inc, USA | 27th November Live at 13:00 GMT
Development – Level 200: Jeremy Thake, SharePoint MVP and Chief Architect at AvePoint, will provide a primer on how to properly begin SharePoint 2013 Online development. Jeremy will discuss the different approaches to customising your SharePoint sites and explain the developer skill sets required for success. The customisation approaches discussed will utilise the web user interface, SharePoint Designer 2013, and Visual Studio 2012, with demonstrations of specific example projects to highlight key functionality of each. Jeremy will conclude with best practices and recommended governance policies for customising SharePoint 2013 Online.

Real Time Upgrade, SharePoint 2010 to 2013
Eric Harlan, Microsoft, USA | 27th November Live at 14:00 GMT
Upgrade is getting bigger in 2013. In this European SharePoint Day session, Eric will discuss what has changed for upgrade, as well as what has stayed the same. He will also discuss the entire process of upgrade and its components, as well as demo the crucial initial steps of preparing your environment for the upgrade journey.

Socialised and Mobilised: How the Most Successful Businesses are Using SharePoint and Yammer
Mark Fidelman, Harmon.ie, USA | 27th November Live at 14:30 GMT
Most companies today realise the importance of connecting with their customers, employees, and partners through social technologies, such as SharePoint and Yammer. For corporations to successfully transform into social business enterprises, they must learn how to leverage these technologies to create a more adaptable organisation. Mark will present some clear strategies and real-life stories from visionaries and change makers, which highlight how the very best in the world are doing it.

If You want take a part of any (or all) session(s) click to the title of session or go to the Conference Site.

[EN] X-MASS in Frisko – Time for SharePoint books…

It’s about five weeks for X-MASS 2012. As usual I thinking more about some cool gifts for myself for this special occasion – You know: buying, receiving, wrapping and forgotting… till early morning of 25th Dec when we should be surprise as always…  Because I live in small country somewhere between Germany and Russia, and delivery is not simple process I must think and order all of this stuff in advance. This time I’m more focused for SharePoint 2013 books, because of my friends: Penelope Coventry {TWITTER | BLOG} Sahil Malik {TWITTER | BLOG} and Steve Fox {TWITTER | BLOG} new books. My list of book, which should expanding my library very soon are below:


BY Penelope Coventry:

Book about developing aplications, using MDS (not Master Data Services >> it’s Minimal Download Strategy), colors, styles, themes, documents versioning (docs, list, webparts),  external connections and more new functions in SharePoint 2013.


Paperback: 200 pages | Publisher: Microsoft Press (March 22, 2013)
Language: English | ISBN-13: 978-0735675520 | Price: 12,77 USD

LINK: Amazon


BY Sahil Malik:

Many developers tried, trying and will try to build right developer machine. many years of experience of Sahil will help You. Yust read thiss book, the build Your own virtual machine. and use Kindle.



Print Length: 81 pages | Publisher: Winsmarts, LLC (October 27, 2012)
Language: English | ASIN: B009Y4QZT8 | Price: 6,89 USD

LINK: Amazon


BY Sahil Malik:

Another one new publication by Sahil. And another one for Kinde. This time about Planet of the Apps. One of the biggest difference between SharePoint 2010 and 2013 are Apps. Azure Apps, Hosted Apps, SharePoint Apps and more.




Print Length: 109 pages | Publisher: www.winsmarts.com; 1 edition (October 8, 2012)
Language: English | ASIN: B009NOIGSM | Price: 8,04 USD

LINK: Amazon


BY Stephen Cawood:

Short guide for most important features in SharePoint 2013: taxonomy, wikis, blogs, social networks and customization, fast creating sites, my sites and more.



Paperback: 304 pages | Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 2 edition (April 5, 2013)
Language: English | ISBN-10: 007180983X | Price: 12:91 USD

LINK: Amazon


BY Amanda Perran:

Beginning, but from right way: from experts point of view. Guide how use in business purposes lists, libraries, workflows, reports, forms, permissions, social features with examples from real-world case scenario.



Paperback: 600 pages | Publisher: Wrox; 1 edition (February 26, 2013)
Language: English | ISBN-10: 1118495896 | Price: 21,09 USD

LINK: Amazon


BY Steve Fox:

For developers, or advanced admins. With many words about building, packaging, deploying Apps. Some words abour Azure and SharePoint, about security, managed and unmanaged Apps



Paperback: 504 pages | Publisher: Wrox; 1 edition (February 26, 2013)
Language: English | ISBN-10: 1118495845 | Price: 24,22 USD

LINK: Amazon


BY Reza Alirezaei:

Another one book for developers, but this time for advance level. With implementation of Application Life Cycle Management, Windows Azure, testing, best practices and cases.



Paperback: 840 pages | Publisher: Wrox; 1 edition (February 26, 2013)
Language: English | ISBN-10: 1118495829 | Price: 26:36 USD

LINK: Amazon


BY Stacia Misner:

Deep Dive into Business Intelligence. BI Lifecycle, DAX Language, PowerPivot, Visio Services, lot of information about dashboards and reports, scorecards and KPI, indicators and triggers. Co-existence of SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server 2012.


Paperback: 400 pages | Publisher: Microsoft Press (March 22, 2013)
Language: English | ISBN-10: 0735675430 | Price: 23,09 USD

LINK: Amazon


In short sumary: Seven physical books, 145 USD and almost 3000 pages. Unfortunatelly just two Kindle’s editions available before xmass, but… Everything what tigers like the best…

Post Scriptum:

If the World will collapse at 122112 this post doesn’t matter…

If not… Spring 2013 will be awesome, reading, reading and more reading…