[EN] SharePoint 2010 December 2014 CU is available

Tile_ShrPtSvr10_h_rgbMicrosoft SharePoint Product Group released two important updates packs in December: one for SharePoint 2010 and one for SharePoint 2013. Let’s look for old SharePoint version. Before you will go to download and install you should remember that this December 2014 Cumulative Update (build no 14.0.7140.5000) require installed Service Pack 2 for SharePoint 2010, and is no longer support for Service Pack 2, and installation of base product and language packs are necessary, and SharePoint 2010 CU contain SharePoint Foundation CU (no double installation required).

Three files and three knowledge base articles for all:

  • KB 2899585 – about SharePoint Foundation 2010  and two important problems has been fixed:
  • Assume that you set the default value for a Date and Time column as the current date in a SharePoint 2010 custom list. When you create a new item to the list during 23:00 to 00:00, the date for this column is set as the next day.
  • Assume that you set an alert on a SharePoint 2010 Announcements list. When an alert email is triggered by an Announcements list item that contains many lines of content, the text in the mail body is formatted as strikethrough.
  • KB 2899583 – about SharePoint Server 2010  and few important problems has been fixed:
  • Assume that you start the User Profile Synchronization service on a SharePoint 2010 site collection. When a thumbnail for a profile picture is missing, the profile synchronization may fail because of a stopped-server error.
  • When you try to open a .pdf file from a search result on a SharePoint 2010 site, the .pdf file is opened in Adobe Reader instead of in the browser.
    Improves the integration of SharePoint 2010 and OneDrive for Business by letting administrators be able to add OneDrive for Business links on a SharePoint 2010 installation.
  • KB 2899587 – about Project Server 2010 and another two problems has been fixed:
  • When you change the view of the Project Center page and apply a different filter or grouping, the filter option and the grouping option do not change as expected, and the view may still be filtered or grouped based on the previous view.
  • Assume that you have a resource whose Latest Available date is set, and the resource’s calendar has exceptions. When you call the Resource.UpdateResources method, you may receive the "CalendarUnusedCalendarException" error message

You can downolad all necessary files (in total ca 3 GB size) directly from download center (almost directly – ‘cos you have to fill mail address twice uthorization code and next you will get download link on email message)

After installing the fixes you need to run the SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard on each machine in the farm.

More related important links (from SharePoint Release Team) are below:

[EN] European SharePoint Day 2012

LOGO__EuropeanSharePointDayEuropean SharePoint Conference will be held in February 2013 in Copenhagen {LINK HERE}.  Conference is really big, not cheap, but with dozens of deep technical sessiona and some workshops. Before You will go – even You don’t decide yet – You can attend for one day virtual event.

European SharePoint Day 2012 is one day, is free and is interactive – with chat, questions and answers. Look for the sessions:


Preparing for SharePoint 2013
Dan Holme, MVP, Intelliem, USA | 27th November Live at 10:00 GMT
SharePoint 2013 has been released, and will soon be arriving on a farm near you. Join SharePoint MVP Dan Holme for a look at this significant update to SharePoint and its impact on your business – from governance to infrastructure, to end users.  Chart a vision for the role and the roll-out of SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, and identify the factors that will drive funding for and adoption of SharePoint 2013 in your organisation. Most importantly, establish management practices now that will facilitate your upgrade to or co-existence with SharePoint 2013.

Exclusive Video Message From Jared Spataro
Senior Director of SharePoint, Microsoft | 27th November Live at 10:30 GMT
Watch an exclusive video message from Jared Spataro, Senior Director of SharePoint, Microsoft, direct to the European SharePoint Community! Jared speaks live from  SPC 2012 in Vegas, summarising the new features of  SharePoint 2013. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the full SPC 2012 keynote, Jared covers all the highlights in this exclusive video summary!

Consuming SharePoint 2013 from a Windows Store App for Windows 8
Paolo Pialorsi, DevLeap, Italy | 27th November Live at 11:15 GMT
This webinar is a sneak preview of the new Web API offered by SharePoint 2013 for consuming data from any remote device. In particular, you will learn how to leverage this new feature from a Windows Store App for Windows 8. Thus, you will also have a very quick introduction to developing Windows Store Apps.

Getting Started with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint 2013 Online Development
Jeremy Thake, MVP MCT, AvePoint Inc, USA | 27th November Live at 13:00 GMT
Development – Level 200: Jeremy Thake, SharePoint MVP and Chief Architect at AvePoint, will provide a primer on how to properly begin SharePoint 2013 Online development. Jeremy will discuss the different approaches to customising your SharePoint sites and explain the developer skill sets required for success. The customisation approaches discussed will utilise the web user interface, SharePoint Designer 2013, and Visual Studio 2012, with demonstrations of specific example projects to highlight key functionality of each. Jeremy will conclude with best practices and recommended governance policies for customising SharePoint 2013 Online.

Real Time Upgrade, SharePoint 2010 to 2013
Eric Harlan, Microsoft, USA | 27th November Live at 14:00 GMT
Upgrade is getting bigger in 2013. In this European SharePoint Day session, Eric will discuss what has changed for upgrade, as well as what has stayed the same. He will also discuss the entire process of upgrade and its components, as well as demo the crucial initial steps of preparing your environment for the upgrade journey.

Socialised and Mobilised: How the Most Successful Businesses are Using SharePoint and Yammer
Mark Fidelman, Harmon.ie, USA | 27th November Live at 14:30 GMT
Most companies today realise the importance of connecting with their customers, employees, and partners through social technologies, such as SharePoint and Yammer. For corporations to successfully transform into social business enterprises, they must learn how to leverage these technologies to create a more adaptable organisation. Mark will present some clear strategies and real-life stories from visionaries and change makers, which highlight how the very best in the world are doing it.

If You want take a part of any (or all) session(s) click to the title of session or go to the Conference Site.

[EN] SharePoint 2010 Technical Reference

LOGO__SharePoint2010Microsoft published just a moment ago (February 23rd) one of the most, heavy and freaky document about SharePoint 2010 Family. It is for SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010 and connected services such as: Visio, Word, Access, Excel, InfoPath and solutions like BDC, STS, ULS and typical aspects: security, users, privileges, levels od access and more. This free document is really heavy: about 6,3 MB (in PDF format) and over 450 pages.

Is it good stuff? Hmm, good questions. For me of course Yes! and I strongly recommend this document for all SharePoint administrators. Below You can look for the extract from this document – it is Table of Contents:

Technical reference for SharePoint Server 2010
System Center Operations Manager knowledge articles
Access Services in SharePoint Server 2010 knowledge articles
Access Services – configuration database access failed – Event 1
Access Services cannot create session cache – Event 11
Access Services out of memory – Event 16
Access Services failed to load calculation library – Event 17
Access Services template input output error – Event 21
Access failed to contact Access Services – Events 24 25 26
Access Data Services no longer available – Event 28
Access Services server is not available – Event 29
Excel Services Application in SharePoint Server 2010 knowledge articles
Excel unauthorized attempt to access a session – Event 2011
Excel Services Application internal error – Event 2026
Excel Services Application save failed – Event 3348
Excel Services Application unexpected workbook failure – Event 5225
Excel workbook disk cache cannot be created – Event 5226  21
Unable to establish connection with Excel Services Application – Events 5231 5233
Error communicating with Excel Services Application – Events 5231 5239 5240
Excel Services Application not available – Event 5234
Excel Services Application configuration database access failed – Event 5244
Max memory configured for Excel Services Application exceeded – Event 5255
Excel Services Application memory allocation failed – Event 5256
Excel Services Application not running locally – Event 5271
Excel invalid file access method configured – Event 5557
Excel Services Application user-defined function exception – Event 6467
Excel Services Application localized template file not found – Event 7924
Excel Services Application template file missing – Event 7925
Excel Services Application null access violation – Event 7926
Excel Services Application non-null access violation – Event 7927
Excel Services Application array out of bounds – Event 7928
Excel workbook disk cache full
InfoPath Forms Services in SharePoint Server 2010 knowledge articles
InfoPath Forms Services business logic failed – Event 5337
InfoPath Forms Services business logic exceeded re-entrant count – Event 5340
InfoPath Forms Services business logic is out of memory – Event 5342
InfoPath Forms Services business logic load exception – Event 5343
InfoPath Forms Services Web files list load failed – Event 5369
InfoPath Forms Services postback failure – Event 5374
InfoPath Forms Services conflicting assembly identities found – Event 5733
InfoPath Forms Services business logic cannot be serialized – Event 5734
InfoPath Forms Services DoS postbacks per session – Event 5736
InfoPath Forms Services DoS actions per postback – Event 5737
InfoPath Forms Services data adapter security error submit – Event 5758
InfoPath Forms Services solution cache churning – Event 5759
InfoPath Forms Services data adapter security error query – Event 6932
InfoPath Forms Services solution load failure – Event 7056
InfoPath Forms Services not working due to invalid State Service configuration – Event 7898
Managed Metadata services in SharePoint Server 2010 knowledge articles
Disk-based cache misconfigured – Event 5787
Metadata Service is unavailable – Event 8088
Disk-based cache at critical capacity
Disk-based cache flushing
Disk-based cache is compacting
PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint Server 2010 knowledge articles
PerformancePoint Services – login failed – Events 5 6 37 45
PerformancePoint Services – Service unavailable – Events 33 39
PerformancePoint Services – Database Connection Failed – Event 34
Search services in SharePoint Server 2010 knowledge articles
Search gatherer disk is full – Event 23
Search database out of space – Event 52
Search relegate query component – Event 58
Search query critical error – Event 60
Search indexer initialization index failed – Event 71
Search index corrupted – Events 74
Search indexer low disk space – Event 80
Search propagation communication error – Event 92
Search gatherer host unavailable – Event 114
Search administration component failed – Event 121
Search crawl component index path error – Events 2588 2589
Search Query and Site Settings Service is not running
SharePoint Server 2010 search is not running
Word Services in SharePoint Server 2010 knowledge articles
Word Services timer job failed – Events 1022 8077
Word services – PDF file converter failing – Event 8004
Word services – XPS file converter failing – Event 8005
Word services must be updated – Event 8010
Word services – language pack not installed – Event 8012
Visio Services in SharePoint Server 2010 knowledge articles
Visio Services data refresh failed – Events 8037 8038 8063 8062
Visio configuration database not found – Event 8040  96
Visio Services untrusted data provider request – Event 8041
Visio Services failed to generate diagram – Events 8042 8043 8060
Visio proxy initialization failed – Event 8044
Visio application proxy has invalid endpoint – Event 8049
Visio Services data provider not found – Event 8050
Visio Services file loading error – Events 8051 8061

User Profile Synchronization Configuration Service cannot connect to SQL Server – Event 4
ULS not enough storage for log directory – Event 2150
Event log flooding – Events 2158 2159
SQL Server database login failed – Event 3351
Backup failed due to insufficient permissions – Event 3353
Cannot connect to SQL Server – Event 3355
The application pool account cannot add user accounts to Active Directory – Event 3359
Active Directory organization unit unregistered – Event 3360
SQL Server database is full – Event 3758
Database could not be accessed – Event 3760
Content deployment job failed – Events 4958 5323 5325 5335
Content database is Read-Only – Event 4971
Cannot create My Sites – Event 5187
User Profile changes cannot be committed – Event 5188
Insufficient SQL Server database permissions – Event 5214
Unable to write to trace log – Event 5401
Could not schedule synchronization jobs – Event 5556
Unknown SQL exceptions – Event 5586
Audience compilation failed – Event 5693
Synchronizing data between SharePoint Server and directory failed – Events 6000-6099
SharePoint Foundation failed to create a site – Event 6141
Unable to load authentication provider – Event 6143
User Profile Synchronization Service unexpected failure – Events 6300-6309
Insufficient permissions to write to the configuration data cache – Event 6395
Alternate access mapping update failed – Event 6397
Service Instance timer execution failed – Event 6398
ULS not enough free disk space – Event 6457
Access denied for writing to registry – Event 6588
Access denied for writing to disk – Event 6589
Application pool account must be registered as Kerberos – Event 6590
SMTP service not running – Event 6599
Event handler failed to load – Event 6644
Product Help Library Permission – Event 6769
Cannot resolve name of the outbound SMTP server – Event 6856
Cannot connect to SMTP host – Event 6857
Error occurred while communicating with SMTP server – Event 6858
SharePoint lists cannot receive e-mail – Event 6872
E-mail service cannot deliver e-mail – Event 687
Event receiver failed – Event 6875
Service instance provisioning failed – Event 7034
Backup timer job could not be created – Event 7035
Central Administration update failed – Event 7037
Secure Store reencrypt credentials failed – Event 7510
Secure Store could not retrieve master encryption key – Event 753
Secure Store SQL exception – Event 7551
Secure Store proxy unexpected exception – Event 7557
Throttling starts alert- Events 8032 8062
Cannot retrieve end point – Event 8070
Cannot retrieve list of service applications from remote farm – Event 8071
Log folder does not exist – Event 8074
Usage timer job failed – Event 8075
Business Data Connectivity Service – BDC database adapter connection exception – Event 8080
BDC Service – BDC Web service proxy generations exception – Event 8082
BDC Service – BDC Proxy – unexpected exception – Event 8085
BDC Service – SQL exception – Event 8086
ULS trace log reaching maximum size – Event 8094
ULS usage log reaching maximum size – Event 8095
STS signing certificate missing – Event 8303
STS cannot sign credentials – Event 8304
Claims cannot establish endpoint – Event 8305
STS claims provider error – Event 8307
Administration service is not running
Backend server not reachable
Document conversion failures high
Document conversion launcher unavailable
Document conversion load balancer unavailable
Knowledge article is not yet available
Sandboxed code is running
SharePoint Administration service is disabled
SharePoint Foundation 2010 search is not running
SharePoint Health Analyzer has detected an error or warning
SharePoint Timer service could not start
SharePoint Timer service is not running
SQL Server remote access is disabled
Tracing service is not running
Unacceptable rendering response time
User Profile Configuration service not started
User Profile Synchronization service not started
Web application taking too long to render a page
Web application unavailable
Web site unavailable
SharePoint Health Analyzer rules reference
Web Applications using Claims authentication require an update
Automatic update setting inconsistent across farm servers
Diagnostic logging is set to verbose
The server farm account should not be used for other services
One or more services have started or stopped unexpectedly
Databases used by SharePoint have fragmented indices
Content databases contain orphaned items
Outbound e-mail has not been configured
Some health analyzer rules do not have associated timer jobs
Drives are running out of free space
The paging file size should exceed the amount of physical RAM in the system
Built-in accounts are used as application pool or service identities
Web Analytics: Monitors the health of the Report Consolidator component
Web Analytics: Verifies that when the Web Analytics is installed and running, usage logging is enabled in the farm
Web Analytics: Verifies that a web application is serviced by at most one Web Analytics service application proxy
Web Analytics: Verifies that the SQL Server Service Broker is enabled for the Web Analytics staging databases
InfoPath Forms Services Maintenance Timer Job not enabled
Validate the My Site Host and individual My Sites are on a dedicated Web application and separate URL domain
Search scopes not defined for My Sites
Verify each User Profile service application has a My Site host configured
Visio Graphics Service has a maximum cache age setting that will adversely impact performance
The Visio Graphics Service has a Maximum Web Drawing Size setting that will adversely impact performance 
Visio Graphics Service has a maximum recalculation duration setting that will adversely impact performance
The Visio Graphics Service has a minimum cache age setting that may cause a security issue
The Visio Graphics Service has a minimum cache age setting that will adversely impact performance 
All State Service databases are paused for a State Service Application
A State Service Application has no database defined 
InfoPath Forms Services forms cannot be filled out in a Web browser because no State Service connection is configured 
Expired sessions are not being deleted from the ASPNET Session State database
The State Service Delete Expired Sessions timer job is not enabled
One or more Search crawl databases have fragmented indices
One or more Search property databases have fragmented indices
InfoPath Forms Services forms cannot be filled out in a Web browser
Word Automation Service timer job is not running 
Installation reference
Setup command-line reference
Psconfig command-line reference
Configxml reference 
Windows PowerShell commands
Enterprise search technical reference
Default connectors
File types and IFilters reference
Languages for word breakers and stemmers
Managing privacy
User permissions and permission level
Database types and descriptions
Language packs
Regional settings
Managed metadata input file format
User experience on read-only sites
Scripted deployment reference
Account permissions and security settings
PerformancePoint Services glossary
Word Automation Services Troubleshooting
Timer job reference
SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit
Installing the SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit
Uninstalling the SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit
Security Configuration Wizard manifest for SharePoint Server 2010
Load Testing Kit
User Profile Replication Engine overview
Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) connector overview
SharePoint Diagnostic Studio 2010 (SPDiag 30)
Conformance statement A-level
Conformance statement AA-level
Settings and features backed up from a farm configuration
Peoplepicker-peopleeditoronlyresolvewithinsitecollection: Stsadm property
Default user profile properties
Default user profile property mappings


You can download this files from special site: Technical reference for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 or directly from link in five different formats: PDF DOCX XPS EPUB MOBI.