[EN] MDX Technical Review Project is finished

IMG_2500It is really great present for me, for last X-mass and for New 2013 Year. Three days ago I received special package from Dallas. This package has been send by Ashim Mazumder and inside it  I found very long awaited book about MDX. I wrote a simple post in last September about his book (HERE). NOW – I’ve got it! YAY!!!!

I spend few days in the middle of last year on working with one of the chapter and part of introduction and I’m very proud that this book is now in my library (with special dedication of course).

Ten chapters with special introduction: how prepare testing enwironment for excersises. Yes, In average: five excersises on each chapter. Ater this book You will know more about MDX, alpecially in SQL Server 2012. Price is not very high (less than fifty bucks), so You can order it at Amazon. Of course I will write full review about this book soon. Now I’m enjoying.

Thank You Ashim for this great opportunity.

[EN] Putting my fingers… into MDX

I am very proud and happy to announce new interesting book about SQL Server 2012. This book is very special for me, because – in indirect way – I can say that it’s my second book. OK it’s still not my own book, but I had chance to putting my fingers inside this book.

Member of SQL Family from Dallas, my new friend Ashim Mazumder {LinkedIN} wrote very practical book about MDX language and functions in SQL Server 2012. 390 pages has divided for ten chapters:
Chapter 01: Introduxion to MDX
Chapter 02: Set Functions
Chapter 03: Navigation Functions
Chapter 04: Time Functions
Chapter 05: String Functions
Chapter 06: Numeric Functions
Chapter 07: Statistical Functions
Chapter 08: MDX Scripting Statements
Chapter 09: MDX Data Definition And Manipulation Statements
Chapter 10: MDX Performance Tuning And Best Practices

This book was published few days ago (exactly on 4th September) by eGurus (Irving, Texas) and on the publisher page we can read a short annoucement:

This book is for anybody who wants to learn MDX language. We have assumed that you have got some relational database design and SQL language experience, and know basic concepts of SQL, Server Analysis Services (SSAS). Throughout the book, we used practice database “Adventure works”, which is very popular among users of Microsoft SQL Server environment. Inside this book you will find:
• More than 350 MDX queries.
• MDX functions are explained with simple examples.
• Some topics like “All Level” explained in detail with various examples.
• Detail analysis of each component of queries.
• MDX query architecture explained in detail with examples.
• Contains simplified definition of functions with examples and their possible values.
• Explains how to improve performance of MDX queries and best practices.
This book is an important and valuable reference for those interested in learning and improving their MDX skill.

I should received few copies nin next weeks, so probally You will can get  fresh copy on one of my future sessions at SQL Community Events. In the meantime – or if You will not have a chance to meet me – You can buythis book at Amazon (HERE).