[EN] NOVEMBER 2015 and my public speaking and presence

public-speaking_thumb3_thumb_thumbNovember. First decade of the months was slightly lazy. Nothing special (except two clients projects work), no speaking (except some coffee or beer discussions). But last two decades looks pretty busy. Spending many days with new level of bureaucracy (different Council, a little different rules) I had time for plannng some events in November.


To hear someone, to see someone, to meet someone, to be inspired. My plans are a little flexible (even my calendar is not):

Special Event:

  • MVP PL Saturday Summit|Warsaw, Poland|14th November


  • Advanced Threat Summit|Warsaw, Poland|17th-18th November {SITE}
  • Data Leadership 2015|London,England|26th November {SITE}


Speaking is most important part of all my events. As many of us – The Speakers – we love it. So, of course I will have some chance to increasing my speakers skills here:


  • SQL Saturday #459 Madrid|Madrid,Spain|21st November {SITE}|one session: Maintenance Plans Ad Hoc
  • SQL Saturday #475 Belgrade|Belgrade, Serbia|28th November {SITE}|one session: SQL Security in the Cloud



I have one confirmed public training in November – with my new local partner The Knowledge Academy.

Workshops & Trainings:

  • Risk Management Training|Nottingham,England|16th November|
  • Windows Azure SQL Database – A Journey from Zero to be Hero|Southampton,England|4th December {REGISTRATION}|Early Birds still OPEN!

As You can see, a lot of places and dates where and when you ca meet me. Hope you will find amoment to say Hi!

[EN] Save the Dates. 42 Dates… for SQL Server Community Events

Holiday is almost over. Some of you probably will spend last two weeks of August on Holiday, but generally speking forom September kids and from October students will back to classes. So adults will have a little bit more time for their education. In this post I want listing all interesting (in my personal opinion) events till last day of the year, events focused for Wide Wild SQL World. I will focus on EMEA area with one or two extention for United States. Let see the dates, events and places.


SQL Saturday


SQL Saturdays


SQL Saturday

SQL Relay

  • oct.05|Edinburgh| Join us north of the wall, if you dare|FREE
  • oct.06|Huddersfield| Join us on the southernmost reaches of te North|FREE
  • oct.07|Nottingham| Join us in the kings wood|FREE
  • oct.08|Reading| Join us at the heart of power & intrigue|FREE
  • oct.12|London| Join us in the capital ofth e kingdoms of men|FREE
  • oct.13|Bristol| Join us in the free city of Bristol|FREE
  • oct.14|Cardiff| Join us as we venture across the narrow sea|FREE
  • oct.15|Birmingham| Join us at the Citadel of the middle kingdom|FREE


SQL Saturday

SQLDay Lite


SQL Saturday



PASS Summit 2015

RedGate SQL in the CITY

Data Culture Events

Future Decoded 2nd Edition

Graph Databases & Analysis. Back to the Future?


Enough? It’s just for SQL Server. Soon I’ll share info about other interesting events.

Anyway. If You are interesting and focused for SQL Server, check you calendar, register for one, two, three or more events (or ten?), buy your tickets, find room (or not) and go!



Modernize Your SQL Data Platform in a Flash

[EN] T-7 Days till my next session… at SQLSat Manchester

LOGO__SQLSatManchesterA week in advance annoucement. I’m very happy to be one of the speakers at upcoming SQL Saturday No 418 in Manchester (England). This conference will be hosted by my very good friend Chris Testa-O’Neill {BLOG|LINKEDIN|TWITTER} and his team in very interesting place. The event will take place at the Mechanics Institute in Manchester. Founded in 1824, it’s goal was to provide adult education to the local area, especially in the areas of science and technology.  This SQL Saturday will be splitted for two days:

Friday: with six excellent pre-conf/workshops:

  • SQL Server Business Intelligence | Chris Testa-O’Neill
  • Database source control workshop | Alex Yates
  • Practical R: A hands-on training day | Stephanie Locke
  • Building Big Data Solutions with Microsoft Azure HDInsight | Graeme Malcolm
  • SQL Server 2014 In-memory technologies – Columnstore, In-Memory OLTP | Tony Rogerson
  • Machine Learning without a PhD in statistics | Andrew Fryer

Saturday: with twenty nice more excellent sessions focused for topics: Business Intelligence, Azure, Business Analytics, Data Practices and DBA. And list of speakers is really, really impressive:

Bob Duffy + Satya Jayanty + Chris Testa-O’Neill + Gavin Campbell + Dmytro Andriychenko + Alex Whittles + Stephane Haby + Graeme Malcolm + Stephanie Locke + John Martin + Alex Yates + Ben Cooper + Steve Wharton + Ian Macdonald + David Dye + Kevan Riley + Andrew Fryer + David Williams + Terry McCann + Uwe Ricken + James Rowland-Jones + David Morrison + Adam Aspin + Neil Hambly + Emanuele Zanchettin + Tony Rogerson + Chris Adkin

International company, many experts: MVPs, MCMs. A lot of ons of discussions, coffee, comments, swags, networking opportunities and Saturday full of knowledge.

I will present one of my favourite session AD 2015. 2AM A Disaster Just Began… at 1:30 PM in Dean Room.

More details and resitration are available at the conference page: http://www.sqlsaturday.com/418/EventHome.aspx