[EN] TILL END OF 2016 my public speaking and presence

My plan for this year doesn’t work in my way. Which is very good information. Initial schedule – one post about my events in upcoming month at the beginning of the month – this time doesn’t work. I just had no time to frequently posting (a lot of travels, projects, trainings – and minimum or better almost no free time). So, to keep you informed I decided to publish all my events till end of this year where I will be, with hope that monthly posts in next year will be scheduled and realized on time.



Meaning – working for local (or international) communities with several tasks during the event:


  • PASS Summit|Seattle, USA|24th-28th Oct {SITE}
  • ISSA International Conference|Dallas, USA|1st-4th Nov {SITE}
  • Cisco SEC 2016|Warsaw, Poland|15th-16th Nov {SITE}
  • Advanced Thread Summit|Warsaw, Poland|22nd-23rd Nov {SITE}


At the end of the year I will – only – attending for only two event – my first MVP Summit in Redmond and Chapters Leaders Summit in Dallas:

  • SharePoint Saturday Redmond|Redmond, USA|29th Oct {SITE}
  • ISSA International Chapters Leaders Summit|Dallas, USA|1st Nov {SITE}
  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals Summit|Redmond, USA|6th-10th Nov {SITE}


Speaking is most important part of all my events. As many of us – The Speakers – we love it. So, of course I will have some chance to increasing my speakers skills here:


  • PASS Summit|Seattle, USA|25th-27th Oct {SITE} | not typical sessions but I will host two Birds-Of-The-Feather sessions: Security & Disaster Recovery
  • Advanced Technology Summit|Zagreb, Croatia|16th-17th Nov {SITE} | two sessions: Secure Your Data in Five Clicks! & SQL Server Backup in AD 2016
  • Advanced Thread Summit|Warsaw, Poland|22nd-23rd Nov {SITE} | security roundtable: How to measure what we should really protect in the company – a matter of prioritizing actions
  • SQL Saturday No #567|Ljubljana, Slovenia|10th Dec {SITE} | one session: SQL Security in the Cloud

Online Meetings:

  • Guerrilla Talks (Lightning Talks) |online 12:30 BST |26th Oct {SITE}


I have several days confirmed training days in November and December:


  • Azure Fundalentals|London, England|23rd-24th Nov(in person)
  • Windows 10 Security|Manila, Philipines|27th-28th Nov (remotely)
  • Windows Server Bootcamp|London, England|5th-9th Dec (in person)
  • SQL Server Administration Essentials|London, England|12th-14th (in person)

The calendar is not closed. Is almost, but not in 100% full, so some events still can be added. Real life example? SQL Saturday Redmond has been added today (after publishing this post. As You can see, a lot of places and dates where  you can meet me. Hope you will find a moment to say Hi!

[EN] Save the Dates. 42 Dates… for SQL Server Community Events

Holiday is almost over. Some of you probably will spend last two weeks of August on Holiday, but generally speking forom September kids and from October students will back to classes. So adults will have a little bit more time for their education. In this post I want listing all interesting (in my personal opinion) events till last day of the year, events focused for Wide Wild SQL World. I will focus on EMEA area with one or two extention for United States. Let see the dates, events and places.


SQL Saturday


SQL Saturdays


SQL Saturday

SQL Relay

  • oct.05|Edinburgh| Join us north of the wall, if you dare|FREE
  • oct.06|Huddersfield| Join us on the southernmost reaches of te North|FREE
  • oct.07|Nottingham| Join us in the kings wood|FREE
  • oct.08|Reading| Join us at the heart of power & intrigue|FREE
  • oct.12|London| Join us in the capital ofth e kingdoms of men|FREE
  • oct.13|Bristol| Join us in the free city of Bristol|FREE
  • oct.14|Cardiff| Join us as we venture across the narrow sea|FREE
  • oct.15|Birmingham| Join us at the Citadel of the middle kingdom|FREE


SQL Saturday

SQLDay Lite


SQL Saturday



PASS Summit 2015

RedGate SQL in the CITY

Data Culture Events

Future Decoded 2nd Edition

Graph Databases & Analysis. Back to the Future?


Enough? It’s just for SQL Server. Soon I’ll share info about other interesting events.

Anyway. If You are interesting and focused for SQL Server, check you calendar, register for one, two, three or more events (or ten?), buy your tickets, find room (or not) and go!



Modernize Your SQL Data Platform in a Flash

[EN] Closer to PASS Summit (actually on my desk)

I’m a little bit closer to PASS Summit 2015. I have plan to visit Seattle this year, even I still have no flight tickets. But I’m actually a little bit closer to PASS Summit again. In 2013 I won at one of SQL Relay UK event fantastic USB Stick with all PASS Summit 2012 General Session. 32 GB size USB Stick with 23 GB of videos and material from whole PASS Summit 2012 Conference:


I watch many of them, hovewer probably not all; some dev stack or as/rs sessions are not very interesting for me – just because of different sdomain of my work. I had no chance to went to PASS Summit never. But I watched all transmission form PASSTV at latest PASS Summit 2014 Conference. As always one of my screen was covered by TweetDeck and I send a lot of twitts, comments, questions. imageFinally I take a part of PASSTV Challenge for most interesting comments, sentences, ideas. And finally I’m one of the three winners! YAY!

At last SQL Saturday No 418 Manchester {TWITTER} I had great pleasure to meet Karla Landrum (Community Evangelist for PASS) {TWITTER|BLOG|LINKEDIN} again. And I got my Competition Challenge Award: fantastic USB Stick with all PASS Summit 2014 General Session. 32 GB size USB 3.0 (!) Stick with 26 GB of videos and material from whole PASS Summit 2014 Conference:


Cannot wait to see it! But more, more I cannot wait to go to PASS Summit 2015 Conference to see those sessions off-line but live on stage!