[EN] 24 Hours of PASS with SQL Server 2012


Next edition one of the most interesting free event will start in five weeks. I think about 24 Hours of PASS of course. For SQL Server 2012 of course. By great international speakers of course. Registration just open at THIS place. If You remember first edition, You will not be surprised – Yes! This event back to 24 Hours in one part. Not two days with twelve hours each, but twenty four together. Questions about topics? Questions about speakers? Look below:


March 21, 2012 00:00 GMT

Session 01: SSIS Tips & Tricks
Presenter: Josef Richberg
Session 02: Persistence In The Cloud: How to use Azure Storage
Presenter: David Giard
Session 03: Tier-1 BI in the Age of Bees and Elephants
Presenter: Denny Lee
Session 04: Performance Tuning for Pirates!
Presenter: John Sterrett
Session 05: Integrating DQS, MDS and Your Data Warehouse
Presenter: Christopher Price
Session 06: High Volume Data Processing Techniques Without Driving Your DBA Crazy!
Presenter: Julie Koesmarno
Session 07: Upgrading and Overhauling Your SSIS Packages for 2012
Presenter: Jessica Moss
Session 08: A Window into Your Data: Using Window Functions in T-SQL
Presenter: Steve Hughes
Session 09: VertiPaq under the hood
Presenter: Marco Russo
Session 10: STOP! Consolidate and Listen!
Presenter: Jorge Segarra
Session 11: Where are my (primary) keys?
Presenter: Ami Levin
Session 12: SQL Server 2012 Memory Management
Presenters: Neil Hambly
Session 13: Enterprise Data Mining with SQL Server
Presenter: Mark Tabladillo
Session 14: Automate Policy-Based Management using PowerShell
Presenter: Allen White
Session 15: SQL Server First Responder Kit
Presenter: Kendra Little
Session 16: Fitting Microsoft Hadoop into your Enterprise BI Strategy
Presenter: Cindy Gross
Session 17: Implementing SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server Core
Presenter: Edwin Sarmiento
Session 18: A Deep Dive in SQL Server 2012 Data Warehousing
Presenter: Dejan Sarka
Session 19: Panel: I Was Young and Didn’t Know Any Better
Presenter: Karen Lopez
Session 20: Introducing SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)
Presenter: Nabeel Derhem
Session 21: Moves Like Jagger – Upgrading to SQL Server 2012
Presenter: Mark Broadbent
Session 22: What to Look For in SQL Server 2012 Execution Plans
Presenter: Grant Fritchey
Session 23: SQL 2012 – HA and DR Lots of New Options
Presenter: Joseph D’Antoni
Session 24: Improving the Performance of your Data Warehouse Queries with Columnstore Indexes
Presenter: Benjamin Nevarez


[EN] 24 Hours of PASS is back (дважды)

New 2012 Year is Year of SQL Server 2012. We haven’t enough time for all events. Just look at me: SQL Day Workshop 2012 [Cracow (PL) LINK],  SQLSaturday#115 [Lisboa (PT) LINK], SQLSaturday#105 [Dublin (IE) LINK], SQLBits X [London (UK) LINK], SQL Day 2012 [Wroclaw (PL) LINK]. All events in person. 

LOGO__24HoursofPASSgeneralI wrote in last post about Semana de webcasts da comunidade MCITP SC. But of course it’s not all. Not all for me.  Hope not all for You. We have one opportunity for learn abour SQL Server 2012 for free. It’s well known 24 Hours of PASS. The Next, The New Edition. SQL Server 2012 event on March 21, 2012 beginning at 00:00 GMT and as always (ok, almost if You remember first edition: 24 Hours of nonstop SQL Server training) in two sets of twelve hours. The call for speakers process is now open (till end of January). And just between my two SQL Saturdays will start. More info HERE.

The second event is The First Russian SQL Server Community on April 12 for an all-Russian 24 Hours of PASS! More info HERE.

On both events subjects are similar:
· optimization of input-output for loaded databases
· indexing features, which you did not even know
· Undocumented features SQL Server
· updates to SQL Server 2012
· the internal structure and architecture of cloud services SQL Azure
· Migration SQL Server into a private cloud
· new solutions in the field of independent business analysis
· and many other things that you can tell not only by independent experts and developers SQL Server