[EN] Welcome Back MCT!

The beginning of April. Every year since April 2011. Still don’t understand why I have to renew my MCT status on every April if I passed my MCT Exam in July 2010, but.. I always do it in the last possible moment.

This year everything was the same. Almost. I just been surprised about increasing price for renewing my status. Of cours – for all ‘well informed folks’ – I should be prepared, because informations about increasing prices has been publisher over year ago, but… as human nature we are always surprise in the time of payment. Anyway, I just make bank transfer payment and got really nice message in my xobni (yes i missed fantastic xobni stuff).

First and most important advantage from this progmar for me is right to provide trainings with Microsoft Official Course and in some countries other courses – because Microsoft Certified Trainer status is equivalent for some other trainers/teachers programs. And it’s really cool! Other advantages are still really cool. My newest just for MCTs:

  • Access to the MCT Member site. The MCT member site offers exclusive program information, access to the Microsoft Learning Download Center, digitized logos for download, and many other benefits and special offers. It also gives you the ability to update your personal information and print or share your transcript. |http://bit.ly/1PCryVO|
  • Access to content. You have access to our full library of courseware through the Microsoft Learning Download Center and the Courseware Marketplace. |http://bit.ly/1FNH6R3|
  • Connect with the MCT Community MCT Central is a dedicated hub designed to help you succeed as a MCT including tools to support you: acquiring knowledge, getting prepared, staying current and engaging with the community. |http://bit.ly/1JDbi2P|
  • Reach out to your Regional Leads They represent a group of active and experienced trainers around the world. We encourage you to reach out to the Regional Lead in your area by accessing the Regional Lead map on MCT Central.
  • my Welcome Kit  that identifies you as a MCT Program member. You can customize your MCT Welcome Kit by selecting items you’d like to include. |http://bit.ly/1CHaW52|

But mycoolest and most powerfull benefits are allittle different than resources above. I got yearly free subscriptions for:

  • Software downloads | Over 11 terabytes of Microsoft Products are available for my any test, check, play, install, destroy projects
  • Microsoft Azure Free Subscription | up to 100 USD monthly for playng with Microsoft Azure stuff {virtual machines, sql databases, websites , hadoop, mobile push, media streaming, active directory, everything else…}
  • Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise | One year free trial subscription for Microsoft Offfice 365 subscription on Enterprise E3 level {mail, calendar, people, newsfeed, onedrive, sharepoint online, taksk, delve, word-excel-powerpoint-onenote online}

Anyway. Welcome back to Microsoft Certified Trainer Program is a fact. Now it’s time for planning some trainings!

[EN] Microsoft Exams Online.. A Man of Worse Origin.

Ten days ago at Born To Learn Blog Liberty Munson annouced confirmation post about general availability of Online Proctored Microsoft Exams for MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and MTA (Microsoft Technology Associations) exams. After beta period availability in United States this projest looks as succesfull project. With partnership of Pearson VUE (which in fact is only one partner for any Microsoft exams, beginning from 1st january next year) Microsoft expanded opportunnity for additional twenty countries. As I could expect… not for Microsoft Professionals in Poland:

Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Finland, Ireland, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United States, Uruguay

List of possible online proctored exams are huge:

70-331-OP: CoreSolutionsofMicrosoftSharePointServer2013
70-332-OP: AdvancedSolutionsofMicrosoftSharePointServer2013
70-336-OP: CoreSolutionsofMicrosoftLyncServer2013
70-337-OP: EnterpriseVoice&OnlineServiceswithMicrosoftLyncServer2013
70-341-OP: CoreSolutionsofMicrosoftExchangeServer2013
70-342-OP: AdvancedSolutionsofMicrosoftExchangeServer2013
70-346-OP: ManagingOffice365IdentitiesandRequirements
70-347-OP: EnablingOffice365Services
70-410-OP: InstallingandConfiguringWindowsServer2012
70-411-OP: AdministeringWindowsServer2012
70-412-OP: ConfiguringAdvancedWindowsServer2012Services
70-417-OP: UpgradingYourSkillstoMCSAWindowsServer2012
70-461-OP: QueryingMicrosoftSQLServer2012
70-462-OP: AdministeringMicrosoftSQLServer2012Databases
70-463-OP: ImplementingaDataWarehousewithMicrosoftSQLServer2012
70-469-OP: RecertificationforMCSE-OP: DataPlatform
70-470-OP: RecertificationforMCSE-OP: BusinessIntelligence
70-480-OP: ProgramminginHTML5withJavaScriptandCSS3
70-481-OP: EssentialsofDevelopingWindowsStoreAppsusingHTML5andJavaScript
70-482-OP: AdvancedWindowsStoreAppDevelopmentusingHTML5andJavaScript
70-483-OP: ProgramminginC#
70-486-OP: DevelopingASP.NETMVCWebApplications
70-488-OP: DevelopingMicrosoftSharePointServer2013CoreSolutions
70-489-OP: DevelopingMicrosoftSharePointServer2013AdvancedSolutions
70-490-OP: RecertificationforMCSD-OP: WindowsStoreAppsusingHTML5
70-491-OP: RecertificationforMCSD-OP: WindowsStoreAppsusingC#
70-494-OP: RecertificationforMCSD-OP: WebApplications
70-499-OP: RecertificationforMCSD-OP: ApplicationLifecycleManagement
70-517-OP: RecertificationforMCSD-OP: SharePointApplications
70-532-OP: DevelopingMicrosoftAzureSolutions
70-533-OP: ImplementingMicrosoftAzureInfrastructureSolutions
70-534-OP: ArchitectingMicrosoftAzureSolutions(beta)
70-640-OP: WindowsServer2008ActiveDirectory,Configuring
70-680-OP: TS-OP: Windows7,Configuring
70-687-OP: ConfiguringWindows8.1
70-688-OP: ManagingandMaintainingWindows8.1
70-692-OP: UpgradingYourWindowsXPSkillstoMCSAWindows8.1
70-695-OP: DeployingWindowsDevicesandEnterpriseApps
70-696-OP: ManagingEnterpriseDevicesandApps
70-980-OP: RecertificationforMCSE-OP: ServerInfrastructure
70-981-OP: RecertificationforMCSE-OP: PrivateCloud
70-982-OP: RecertificationforMCSE-OP: DesktopInfrastructure
74-409-OP: ServerVirtualizationwithWindowsServerHyper-VandSystemCenter
98-349-OP: WindowsOperatingSystemFundamentals
98-361-OP: SoftwareDevelopmentFundamentals
98-364-OP: DatabaseFundamentals
98-365-OP: WindowsServerAdministrationFundamentals
98-366-OP: NetworkingFundamentals
98-367-OP: SecurityFundamentals
98-375-OP: HTML5ApplicationDevelopmentFundamentals

More information here: Online Proctored Microsoft Exams Available in Twenty One Countries in December 2014 http://bit.ly/1H2Y7ac and here: Online proctored exams Registration and Requirements http://bit.ly/1zYO2YH


I understand why: Online proctored (OP) exams allow you to take an exam in the comfort of your home or office, often within 15 minutes of registering, while being monitored by an offsite proctor.


I completely don’t undestand why: why again Microsoft forgets about Poland; forgets, or is taking deliberate action agains Microsoft Professionals in Poland. Is not first time when I feel as:

A Man of Worse Origin.

We (in Poland) experienced many of similar stories: no availability of Microsoft Zune, no availability of X-Box Online, no availability of Sufrace 2 or 3 at TechEd and more. Why Microsoft, Why? Even some exams will be available in future, maybe, someday, in 2016 or 2020, why we are Peoples of Worse Origin?

[EN] Starting New Year with reading, reading and reading…

About six weeks ago (Nov 27th, 2013) Microsoft published special PDF file. I hope that is first of the series. Document is titled: Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012 TechNet Library Documentation and on almost 8000 pages (yes, EIGHT THOUSAND) You will find all TechNet documentation about Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2. This SUPER-SIZE book include following chapters:

If You look for the contents page… Knowledge begin from page no 348… first 347 (sic!) pages is just the… Table of Content

Are You ready? Just grab Your copy NOW from HERE… and ENJOY!

PS. And one more: please be green. Don’t print it!