[EN] MAR 2017–My Public Speaking And Presence

Next month and I’m more and more busy. Which – of course – is good. Sometimes I’m a little less busy, sometimes a little more. But still focusing on the same goal: connect people with technology. I back from long, excited, very busy trip to The World Under. New month bringing me new places and ideas. So where and about what I’ll speak?


Speaking is most important part of all my events. As many of us – The Speakers – we love it. So, of course I will have some chance to increasing my speaker’s skills here:


 Microsoft Tech Summit |Birmingham, UK |27th-28th Mar {SITE} {#MSTechSummit}

  • Ask The Experts Booth

 Microsoft Tech Summit |Copenhagen, DK|30th-31st Mar {SITE} {#MSTechSummit}

  • Ask The Experts Booth

 Battle Of The Beards |online for Caerdydd, Cymru|29th Feb {SITE} {T}

  • one session: Infrastructure As A Beard


I have a couple of confirmed training days in March:


SharePoint Core Solutions |London, UK|13th-17th Feb (in person)


Not only speaking. Sometimes I’m going to meet some people, to learn something, to share ideas:

User Groups:

Nott’s Dev Workshop |Nottingham, UK |06th Mar {SITE} {F|T|M}

PASS East Midlands |Nottingham, UK |30th Mar {SITE} {F|T|M}


var Sovia = newTech () |Warsaw, PL |29th Mar {SITE} {#varSoviaNT}

UK Community Day |Copenhagen, DK|30th-31st Mar {SITE} {#MSTechSummit}

Cloud Expo Europe |online for Caerdydd, Cymru|29th Feb {SITE} {T}


Azure Ready – One Day Demo | Microsoft HQ, Reading UK | 01st Mar

Cloud and Proud Technical Days | Nottingham | 21st-22nd Mar

The new monthly activity – which I really love, and trying to be a part from the beginning of this year is #CollabTalk > monthly one-hour discussion about SharePoint functionality, features, problems, plans, future, development and more. This on-line (and freely available for everyone) Christian Buckley {S|T}

This month topic for #CollabTalk is: The Role of The Email in The Digital Workspace | LINK

The calendar is not closed. Is almost, but not in 100% full, so some events still can be added. As You can see, a lot of places and dates where you can meet me. Hope you will find a moment to say Hi!

[EN] TILL END OF 2016 my public speaking and presence

My plan for this year doesn’t work in my way. Which is very good information. Initial schedule – one post about my events in upcoming month at the beginning of the month – this time doesn’t work. I just had no time to frequently posting (a lot of travels, projects, trainings – and minimum or better almost no free time). So, to keep you informed I decided to publish all my events till end of this year where I will be, with hope that monthly posts in next year will be scheduled and realized on time.



Meaning – working for local (or international) communities with several tasks during the event:


  • PASS Summit|Seattle, USA|24th-28th Oct {SITE}
  • ISSA International Conference|Dallas, USA|1st-4th Nov {SITE}
  • Cisco SEC 2016|Warsaw, Poland|15th-16th Nov {SITE}
  • Advanced Thread Summit|Warsaw, Poland|22nd-23rd Nov {SITE}


At the end of the year I will – only – attending for only two event – my first MVP Summit in Redmond and Chapters Leaders Summit in Dallas:

  • SharePoint Saturday Redmond|Redmond, USA|29th Oct {SITE}
  • ISSA International Chapters Leaders Summit|Dallas, USA|1st Nov {SITE}
  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals Summit|Redmond, USA|6th-10th Nov {SITE}


Speaking is most important part of all my events. As many of us – The Speakers – we love it. So, of course I will have some chance to increasing my speakers skills here:


  • PASS Summit|Seattle, USA|25th-27th Oct {SITE} | not typical sessions but I will host two Birds-Of-The-Feather sessions: Security & Disaster Recovery
  • Advanced Technology Summit|Zagreb, Croatia|16th-17th Nov {SITE} | two sessions: Secure Your Data in Five Clicks! & SQL Server Backup in AD 2016
  • Advanced Thread Summit|Warsaw, Poland|22nd-23rd Nov {SITE} | security roundtable: How to measure what we should really protect in the company – a matter of prioritizing actions
  • SQL Saturday No #567|Ljubljana, Slovenia|10th Dec {SITE} | one session: SQL Security in the Cloud

Online Meetings:

  • Guerrilla Talks (Lightning Talks) |online 12:30 BST |26th Oct {SITE}


I have several days confirmed training days in November and December:


  • Azure Fundalentals|London, England|23rd-24th Nov(in person)
  • Windows 10 Security|Manila, Philipines|27th-28th Nov (remotely)
  • Windows Server Bootcamp|London, England|5th-9th Dec (in person)
  • SQL Server Administration Essentials|London, England|12th-14th (in person)

The calendar is not closed. Is almost, but not in 100% full, so some events still can be added. Real life example? SQL Saturday Redmond has been added today (after publishing this post. As You can see, a lot of places and dates where  you can meet me. Hope you will find a moment to say Hi!

[EN/PT] Bem-vindo ao mundo de 24 Horas de PASS!

Bem-vindo ao mundo de 24 Horas de PASS!

LOGO__24hofSQLPASS_PORedition24 horas de formação gratuita em SQL Server – Distribuída por 2 dias. Nos dias 18 e 19 de Novembro de 2015 realiza-se a terceira edição do “24 Horas de PASS” completamente em Português! Com ínicio às 13:00 (Brasil) / 15:00 (Portugal), cada dia irá contar com 12 horas seguidas de apresentações sobre funcionalidades e técnicas de SQL Server com especial atenção para a última versão – o SQL Server 2014 .

24 Horas de PASS é um evento online e gratuito, onde pode aprender com os melhores especialistas em SQL Server do mundo Lusófono, onde o Português é a lingua Oficial. Mais de 20 especialistas em SQL Server do Brasil e de Portugal vão fazer apresentações técnicas focadas nos seguintes temas:

  • Application & Database Development
  • BI Information Delivery
  • BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
  • Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
  • Professional Development

Temos uma extensa lista de “speakers especialistas”, incluindo MVPs, MCMs e PFE’s (Premier Field Engineer) da Microsoft. Organizado pelas comunidades da PASS no Brasil e em Portugal este evento conta com o melhor que há de SQL Server de ambos lados de Atlântico.

#####     #####     #####

Of course – I don’t speak Portuguese – so, previous part I get from event site. Switching to English: in the Middle of next Week will be very important for all SQL Server Folks who speak, understand even only leard Portuguese language. Another big and fantastic event – 24 Hour of PASS will begin on 18th November. Twenty Four sessions focused for SQL Server technology just administrators, consultants, architects, developers. List of the sessions and speakers are really impressive:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015
10 Dicas para Escrever Codigos T-SQL Melhores
| Rodrigo Crespi
Segredos da ABIN e do SIS – Apps Seguras Com Acesso Multi-Camada | André Melancia
SQL Azure Database | Vitor Faria Tomaz
SQL Bad Practice | Marcus Bittencourt
Understanding & Solving Columnstore Problems | Niko Neugebauer
Ciclo de vida de uma query | Tiago Balabuch
Entendendo o Transaction Log | Luiz Mercante
HandsOn – SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups | Edvaldo Castro
Query Store no SQL Server 2016
| Andre Batista

Thursday, November 19, 2015
Powershell – Passar de scripts simples a funções avançadas | Cláudio Silva
Datazen – Arquitetura e Desenvolvimento
| Thiago Henrique Hernandes Zavaschi
Alta disponibilidade com Azure SQL Database
| Marcos Freccia
Azure VM’s with SQL Server – Notes from the field
| Pedro Simoes, Vitor Pombeiro
Advanced SQL Server Execution Plans | Fabiano Neves Amorim
Alta disponibilidade sem cluster | Armando Lacerda
Boas Práticas de Desempenho e Disaster Recovery no SQL Database
| Marcondes Alexandre
Extended Events: Receitas de sucesso para troubleshooting
| Dennes Torres De Oliveira
Hekaton v.2 e ColumnStore Index v.3 – Nova Geração de DBAs
| Luan Moreno Medeiros Maciel
Ocultando dados com SQL Server 2016
| Ivan Campos
Query optimization and analysis in SQL Server 2016
| Pedro Lopes
Resource Governor for SQL Server 2014 in Action! | Etienne Lopes

Friday, November 20, 2015
Filegroups – ótimas práticas
| Marcelo Adade
Validacao de Dados Automatizada na Datawarehouse
| Daniel De sousa
AlwaysOn e realmente poderoso? truques de uso | Reinaldo Kibel


Full details about sessions are available here: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2015/portuguese/Sessions.aspx 

Registration for free 24 hours training is available here: http://www.sqlpass.org/24hours/2015/portuguese/Registration.aspx