[EN] SEP 2019 My Public Speaking And Presence

New school year is just around the corner. When in one shire kids already meeting new friends and teachers (can teachers could be friends as well?) in other shire kids are almost ready to cross the doors to the school. From community perspective we are starting new season as well. For me it will be little bit more talks in last four months of the current year. Just few events in September, but… worth to visit. Definitely. So where You will be able to catch me?


Speaking is most important part of all my events. As many of us – The Speakers – we love it. So, of course, I will have some chance to increase my speaker’s skills here:

User Groups:

 Nottingham SQL Server User Group |Nottingham, UK |Sep 12th  {SITE} {TW|FB} || REGISTRATION

–>> session: Player No 1 in Security Cantered World 


In February I will deliver two or three courses around my normal working days:

AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administrator | London, UK| (in person)

AZ-301 Microsoft Azure Architect Design  | From the office, UK| (virtual)



Not only speaking. Sometimes I’m going to meet some people, to learn something, to share ideas:

User Groups:

The Global AI Night hosted by Notts Dev Workshop|Nottingham,  UK |Sep 5th  {SITE} {TW} || REGISTRATION


SQL In The CITY  by Trend Micro |London, UK |Sep 13th {SITE} {#CloudSEC|TW|FB} || REGISTRATION

CloudSEC by Trend Micro |London, UK |Sep 13th {SITE} {#CloudSEC|TW|FB} || REGISTRATION


Using Redgate, AKS and Azure to bring DevOps to your Database |worldwide|Sep 17th | REGISTRATION

What You Need to Know About the 2019 DORA Accelerate State of DevOps Report |worldwide |Sep 18th | REGISTRATION

The new monthly activity – which I really love, and trying to be apart from the beginning of this year is #CollabTalk > monthly one-hour discussion about SharePoint Office 365 and not only, functionality, features, problems, plans, future, development and more. This online (and freely available for everyone) monthly discussions are conducted and managed by Christian Buckley {S|T}

The calendar is not closed. Is almost, but not in 100% full, so some events still can be added. As You can see, a lot of places and dates where you can meet me. Hope you will find a moment to say Hi!

[EN] T-2 weeks till ITCamp–Are You Ready?

LOGO__ITCamp2014One year ago I visited Capitol of Transylvania first tme. Cluj-Napoca. Beautiful, tourist-friendly city in Romania (but close to Hungary). I had great pleasure to speaking for dozens of hundreds attendees which chosed my session. And it was great success. I got really great feedback for my session not only from organizers, but (which is most important) from attendees.

This year I will back to IT Camp, but for more days. I’m really happy to inviting for my thee moments at this conference:

  • Wednesday, May 21st – I will presenting my first full Pre-Conf. That’s exciting, and I’m very proud to got invitation from Tudor Damian {BLOG | TWITTER} for this action. My full-day workshop subjest is simple: High Availability of SQL Server in the context of Service Level Agreement. And I’m only one non-local speaker for pre-conf day, all other three experts are:
  • Agile in practice (Radu Vunvulea)
    Automating your IT infrastructure using PowerShell (Razvan Rusu)
    Mobile Device Management with Windows Intune and SCCM (Adrian Stoian)

  • Thursday, May 22nd – first conference day with four tracks and many not speakers not only from Romania, but from many place from the world. In blue line at 5PM I will presenting session: SQL Server Source Control about controling code for SQL Server Development, using Visual Studio and more, Cloud (and no-cloud) Source Control Application, and RedGate Software.
  • Friday, May 23rd – second and last day of conference. I hope that between those two days of conference I will find time for visiting city center. Early morning at 9AM in green line I will presenting session: SQL Azure from Plan, To Backup, To Cloud about Cloud Services and Backup and Restore features.

It is one of the biggest conference in Europe, even almost all speakers are from Romania this time all sessions will be presenting in English – I hope that more attendees will be ready for activity attendance, for speaking, commenting, asking and sharing knowledge. And here is the amazing list of speakers:

Tim Huckaby, Peter Leeson, Alex Ionescu, David Giard, Raffaele Rialdi, Jonathan "J" Tower, Martin Kulov, Andy Cross, Adam Granicz, Alessandro Pilotti, Ciprian Jichici, Adrian Stoian, Cristian Lefter, Valy Greavu, Tiberiu Covaci, Tiberiu Radu, Petru Jucovschi, Lorant Domokos, Florin Cardașim, Dan Nicola, Florin Coroș, Răzvan Rusu, Florin Loghiade, Claudia Jelea, Alex Mang, Romulus Crișan, Attila-Mihaly Balazs, Silviu Niculiță, Bogdan Toporan, Dan Ardelean, Radu Vunvulea, Mihai Tătăran, Tudor Damian.

I hope that oraginizers will be ready, and they have really big speaker room (last year speaker room was awesome).


Last important and logistic data:

  • WHERE: Hotel Grand Italia, Romania, Cluj-Napoca
  • WHEN: May 21st (pre-conf), May 22nd-23rd (conference)
  • SITE and REGISTRATION: http://ITCamp.ro/

[EN] 00:00 Saturday, 29th March – The Day of GWAB

It’s Midnight of March, 29th. Today is the GWAB Day. W0000t?

GWAB_logoGWAB – better known as Global Windows Azure Bootcamp is the second and last global event oriented to Windows Azure (keep mind for news from BUILD Conference in USA). One Year ago I was an attendee of FIRST AND ONLY ONE event in Poland, in Wroclaw. We played with rendering project and for few hours we have been in TOP10 in the World! This year is a little different, especially that I’m not only attendee, I’m speaking too.

GWAB – “In April of 2013 we held the first Global Windows Azure Bootcamp at more than 90 locations around the globe! This year we are again again offering up a one day deep dive class to help thousands of people get up to speed on developing Cloud Computing Applications for Windows Azure. In addition to this great learning opportunity the hands on labs are pooling ahuge global compute farm to perform diabetes research.

In Poland this year GWAB will be held in four cities Wrocław, Warsaw, Katowice and Szczecin. Most important and best place for it is of course in Wrocław (my city). But we are very happy to having competitors in different cities, especially that in all cities organizers focusing on different subjects and values of Microsoft Cloud Services. Of course based on different time zones – GWAB is now running and statistics too:


Out timm will join for this global event in next nine ours. Who is in our team? Great, great local community folks, influencers, leaders of local user groups, speakers, and more, more, more: Łukasz Gąsior {@lukaszgasior}, Gosia Borzęcka {@GosiaBorzecka}, Mirosław Pragłowski {@mpraglowski} and Paweł Łukasik {@pawel_lukasik}. And yes, I know no easy names for foreigners… What we will do? We prepared full, looong busy day with several sessions, unlimited coffee, lunch and of course unlimited level of fun. Here is our agenda:

09:15 | Superfarm Experiment | Łukasz Gąsior
09:45 | Introduction to Windows Azure | Gosia Borzęcka
11:00 | YouTube in Polish means Media Services in Cloud | Paweł Łukasik
12:30 | Windows Azure SQL Server Tips and Tricks | Tobiasz J. Koprowski
14:30 | Windows Azure Service Bus | Łukasz Gąsior
16:30 | Azure without ‘clickology’ | Mirosław Pragłowski
18:15 | Counting Azure | Paweł Łukasik

Exciting! And here is the link for our event site: http://gwab-2014.codingtv.pl/