[EN] 00:00 Saturday, 29th March – The Day of GWAB

It’s Midnight of March, 29th. Today is the GWAB Day. W0000t?

GWAB_logoGWAB – better known as Global Windows Azure Bootcamp is the second and last global event oriented to Windows Azure (keep mind for news from BUILD Conference in USA). One Year ago I was an attendee of FIRST AND ONLY ONE event in Poland, in Wroclaw. We played with rendering project and for few hours we have been in TOP10 in the World! This year is a little different, especially that I’m not only attendee, I’m speaking too.

GWAB – “In April of 2013 we held the first Global Windows Azure Bootcamp at more than 90 locations around the globe! This year we are again again offering up a one day deep dive class to help thousands of people get up to speed on developing Cloud Computing Applications for Windows Azure. In addition to this great learning opportunity the hands on labs are pooling ahuge global compute farm to perform diabetes research.

In Poland this year GWAB will be held in four cities Wrocław, Warsaw, Katowice and Szczecin. Most important and best place for it is of course in Wrocław (my city). But we are very happy to having competitors in different cities, especially that in all cities organizers focusing on different subjects and values of Microsoft Cloud Services. Of course based on different time zones – GWAB is now running and statistics too:


Out timm will join for this global event in next nine ours. Who is in our team? Great, great local community folks, influencers, leaders of local user groups, speakers, and more, more, more: Łukasz Gąsior {@lukaszgasior}, Gosia Borzęcka {@GosiaBorzecka}, Mirosław Pragłowski {@mpraglowski} and Paweł Łukasik {@pawel_lukasik}. And yes, I know no easy names for foreigners… What we will do? We prepared full, looong busy day with several sessions, unlimited coffee, lunch and of course unlimited level of fun. Here is our agenda:

09:15 | Superfarm Experiment | Łukasz Gąsior
09:45 | Introduction to Windows Azure | Gosia Borzęcka
11:00 | YouTube in Polish means Media Services in Cloud | Paweł Łukasik
12:30 | Windows Azure SQL Server Tips and Tricks | Tobiasz J. Koprowski
14:30 | Windows Azure Service Bus | Łukasz Gąsior
16:30 | Azure without ‘clickology’ | Mirosław Pragłowski
18:15 | Counting Azure | Paweł Łukasik

Exciting! And here is the link for our event site: http://gwab-2014.codingtv.pl/

[EN] Fridays with Azure Tools (01) – Azure Storage Explorer

One of my good colleagues – SQL Server MVP from Poland:  Damian Widera {TWITTER|LINKEDIN} asked me for sending few files, not very big, just about 20 GB. His request enforced me tow start writing a new series on my blog – series about Tools for Windows Azure Platform. I have a plan for writing about many different tools: for usung storage, database, programming, management, backup and other targets. I will try focusing on free tools, but if some tool will be not very expensive, I’ll write about it too. In this post I want to introduce You for Azure Storage Explorer.

First  phase –  download this app from CodePlex site {LINK}.

Second phase – install application:


Pict.1.1 | Welcome Setup Wizard.


Pict.1.2 | Choose installation folder.


Pict.1.3 | Confirm installation.


Pict.1.4 | Wait, sometimes pleeeease wait.


Pict.1.5 | Installation is complete.

Third phase – run application and play:


Pict.1.01 | Welcome screen


Pict.1.02 | Adding new starage account: we need name (from Azure Management Portal) and key (form Manage Access Key feature)


Pict.1.03 | Important information – be patient for first connection


Pict.1.04 | First fiew for my Blob Storage 


Pict.1.05 | First view for Container Folder


Pict.1.06 | We can download object from container


Pict.1.07 | We can get information: the format provided the path is not supported. And I don’t want downloading bacpac file via ASE now.


Pict.1.08 | We can look for details about this blob file


Pict.1.09 |And of course for metadata (with information about eg. database)


Pict.1.10 | Of course we can use ASE for managing vhd files – my plan is to delete old file.


Pict.1.11 | I’m asking my portal to delete this file…


Pict.1.12 | ..and I got an error with deleting process. In fact this file “is not free” so I moving for a moment to Windows Azure management Portal.


Pict.1.12.1 | As we see this machine (which is tored on blob which we want delete) is stopped. That means: she’s still alive a little.


Pict.1.12.2 | Execution ordered: Shut Down this machine


Pict.1.12.3 | Execution in progress


Pict.1.12.4 |Finally machine is stopped, but…

With this case it is not finish. Because one of vhd disks is still attached to this machine, we cannod delete it via ASE. Workarround for this problem is here: Error deleting VHD: There is currently a lease on the blob and no lease ID was specified in the request


Pict.1.13 | In the meantime we can delete something else – like bacpac file.


Pict.1.14 | next we can back for our blob, and delete file from menu: Blob/Delete


Pict.1.15 | Last step is deleting whole container