[EN] SQL PASS Board Election… and my five grosz

PrintFrom 6th to 20th December all SQL PASS members can take a part in Elections. What is the PASS? Professional Association of SQL Server is nonprofit international unique family of enthusiast, professionals, newbies and nerds  who are concentrated/oriented for SQL Server. We are DBA (administrators), DEV (developers), BI (intelligence in business), SSAS (analytics), SSRS (we report), SSIS (integrators), writers, influencers, group leaders, consultants, bloggers, speakers, helpers, we’re tweeting and sharing our ideas. We also moms & dads, brothers & sisters, wife & husband, colleagues & sweethearts. We also geeks, nerds, freaks and crazy… Because…


I’m member of SQL PASS Family and Polish Chapter. I’m member of Polish SQL Server User Group and some groups across Europe. I’m DBA, leader, writer, influencer, blogger, brother and godfather. I’m tweeting and sharing. Because…


I have responsibility – because I’m a part of this family. I have responsibility – because I think about future and visions  of The Community. I have responsibility by myself. That’s is the reason why I ‘m voting. I understand hard work, big responsibility and all pros and cons to be a member of the Board. I’m member of the Board (last year as Director-at-large, this year as Vice-Chair) in other Community Family, in Global IT Community Association, better known as GITCA (earlier as Culminis).

The choice is not easy. Especially that PASS is international organization, but not well known in my country, in Poland. In fact I prepared my internal pre-elections and finally I have three candidates:

Denise McInerney | election profile | – because she’s woman. I’m big fan of Women in Technology idea, and after a lot of talks, projects, sharing ideas with my WIT’s Friends: Paula Januszkiewicz, Rhonda Layfield, Joanna Subik, Kalen Delaney, Jen Stirrup, Kimberly Trip and more, I will always support it. I think that women’s factor every time help with our daily job. Denise have a lot of experience with SQL Server as DBA and with Community as PASS Programm Committee for last few years. She’s very good candidate from my point of view. 
Geoff Hiten | election profile | – because someone someday help me with Clipper. I know, Clipper it’s not very popular. But it’s one of te connecting points.  Geoff was professional in SQL Server before I started to think to work in ITC sector. His experience and sharing knowledge is well known in community. 
Rob Farley | election profile | – because his outside United States. I’m outside US. And for me he is one of the best candidate. Because he understand internationality very well. And in future PASS should be more international.

I think that you know what my choice is. Looking for all pros and cons – especially when comparing candidates profiles, community factors, openness, (sql experience is not very important in this function), possibility to meet (even I’ll not go to US – ‘cos I need visa, and it’s not only one factor)…

Personally I’m voting for  Rob Farley ( BLOG | TWITTER ). But the choice is very hard. Officially – via voting ballot – I voted for all three above. I’m crazy. I know.

PS: …my five grosz is the same as my five cents of course / but I used my currency…

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