[EN] TILL END OF 2016 my public speaking and presence

My plan for this year doesn’t work in my way. Which is very good information. Initial schedule – one post about my events in upcoming month at the beginning of the month – this time doesn’t work. I just had no time to frequently posting (a lot of travels, projects, trainings – and minimum or better almost no free time). So, to keep you informed I decided to publish all my events till end of this year where I will be, with hope that monthly posts in next year will be scheduled and realized on time.



Meaning – working for local (or international) communities with several tasks during the event:


  • PASS Summit|Seattle, USA|24th-28th Oct {SITE}
  • ISSA International Conference|Dallas, USA|1st-4th Nov {SITE}
  • Cisco SEC 2016|Warsaw, Poland|15th-16th Nov {SITE}
  • Advanced Thread Summit|Warsaw, Poland|22nd-23rd Nov {SITE}


At the end of the year I will – only – attending for only two event – my first MVP Summit in Redmond and Chapters Leaders Summit in Dallas:

  • SharePoint Saturday Redmond|Redmond, USA|29th Oct {SITE}
  • ISSA International Chapters Leaders Summit|Dallas, USA|1st Nov {SITE}
  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals Summit|Redmond, USA|6th-10th Nov {SITE}


Speaking is most important part of all my events. As many of us – The Speakers – we love it. So, of course I will have some chance to increasing my speakers skills here:


  • PASS Summit|Seattle, USA|25th-27th Oct {SITE} | not typical sessions but I will host two Birds-Of-The-Feather sessions: Security & Disaster Recovery
  • Advanced Technology Summit|Zagreb, Croatia|16th-17th Nov {SITE} | two sessions: Secure Your Data in Five Clicks! & SQL Server Backup in AD 2016
  • Advanced Thread Summit|Warsaw, Poland|22nd-23rd Nov {SITE} | security roundtable: How to measure what we should really protect in the company – a matter of prioritizing actions
  • SQL Saturday No #567|Ljubljana, Slovenia|10th Dec {SITE} | one session: SQL Security in the Cloud

Online Meetings:

  • Guerrilla Talks (Lightning Talks) |online 12:30 BST |26th Oct {SITE}


I have several days confirmed training days in November and December:


  • Azure Fundalentals|London, England|23rd-24th Nov(in person)
  • Windows 10 Security|Manila, Philipines|27th-28th Nov (remotely)
  • Windows Server Bootcamp|London, England|5th-9th Dec (in person)
  • SQL Server Administration Essentials|London, England|12th-14th (in person)

The calendar is not closed. Is almost, but not in 100% full, so some events still can be added. Real life example? SQL Saturday Redmond has been added today (after publishing this post. As You can see, a lot of places and dates where  you can meet me. Hope you will find a moment to say Hi!