[EN] Good Conference? Not only outside Poland!

logo Today, on Friday 5th October I will get a big chance and opportunity to be one of a Happy-the-Man as attendee of DevDey 2012. This conference, held in Cracow, is the new version of well known ABB Dev Day Conference. It’s generally oriented for programmers, developers and architects, but… even I working with SQL Server, SharePoint and Security areas it will be very good for me, based on the sharing knowledge,, patterns and best practices. Limited number of attendees guarantee good access to speakers and other people. Based on conference site I can write:

From early morning until late afternoon, the program is fully packed with interesting sessions led by world famous speakers. It was designed to stimulate, motivate and release creative energy in your brains.

The speakers are well known for attendees:

Scott Hanselman | Microsoft
Greg Young | Independent consultant
Sebastien Lambla | Caffeine IT
Mark Rendle | Dot Net Solutions
Martin Mazur | Tretton37
Rob Ashton | Freelancer
Antek Piechnik | Future Simple

and the sessions smells like… spirit:

It’s not what you read, it’s what you ignore (Scott Hanselman)
Hidden Complexity: Inside Simple.Data and Simple.Web (Mark Rendle)
HTTP Caching 101 (Sebastien Lambla)
Javascript sucks and it doesn’t matter (Rob Ashton)
Why you should talk to strangers (Martin Mazur)
Shipping code (Antek Piechnik)
How to get productive in a project in 24h (Greg Young)

Folowing the event on: WebSite, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter will be my BRAINWASHING

PS. Registration has end in few hours, and conference is free