[EN] SEP 2019 My Public Speaking And Presence

New school year is just around the corner. When in one shire kids already meeting new friends and teachers (can teachers could be friends as well?) in other shire kids are almost ready to cross the doors to the school. From community perspective we are starting new season as well. For me it will be […]

[EN] FEB 2018 My Public Speaking And Presence

Second month of the 2018. The beginning of Chinese New Year – Year of the Earth Dog 戊戌 – and really busy month for me. First half of the month totally Down Under; it’s a new tradition (second time year by year) where I’m going to New Zealand. Some kind of busy holiday but not […]

[EN] JAN 2018 My Public Speaking And Presence

I stopped writing for few months. I have tons of thing in my head. The new hidden project which started last spring, migration to a new house, a lot of extra work around my stuff. Worse: Completely lost will of posting. But. Maybe my some plans could be correlated with blogging. Maybe this year more […]