[EN] Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic

Posted by koprowskit on December 3, 2015

For many years, more or less regularly I gave blood in Poland. I don’t remember how many years; I can only count how many liters. And result is not bad at all – over thirty two liters several teams of bloodsuckers just get from my veins. And I’m happy with that, I helped several peoples and directly saved four people with direct (or almost direct transfusion. After moving to England I decided to continue this journey with local centers.


Yesterday (on December 1st) I went to Nottingham Blood Donor Centre. It was my second visit in UK’s Blood Centre (after first visit in August in Leicester). System in UK is completely different than in Poland. And I can say much, much better. After simple registration I got profile on special website https://blood.co.uk/ where I can find dozens of useful information and be more connected with center.


Pic. 01 | All necessary information for first timers and anyone who is interesting to be a donor. How, why, where, when, safety, stories and more.


Pict. 02 | Simple registration (for first timers) or login with email address & password; or facebook/twitter account if you linked in before.


Pict. 03 | After login I got nice light blue information that I can schedule my next donation date. I got information by mail few days ago that it’s time for next donation (just twelve weeks after my last blood donation in August).


Pict. 04 | And I can see my history: date and place of my last donation, suggested date for next donation and suggested place (based on m previous donation and settings in favorites).


Breakfast is very important. Not too big breakfast – so I’m happy to be vegetarian – no English Breakfast for me. If I go to blood center afternoon, I need to eat small lunch (not heavy and not fat) and drink some soft drinks. No alcohol before and after. No intensive exercises before and after. Just be a standard citizen for this day.


Pict. 05 | Because I moved to Nottingham I can choose one from many closest center. In same way if I will have plan for trip to another city on the time for my next donation (which is very, very probable) I can schedule my visit for different place.


Pict. 06 | When I choose place I got access for free seats for next couple of days (standard work week days) for morning or afternoon slots (the change team and clean center in the middle of the day).


Pict. 07 | I decided to go same day at 14:40 to my closest Blood Donor Centre.


Pict. 08 | Simple confirmation for my appointment with several extra options: sharing invitation for facebook, saving calendar appointment to outlook, printing confirmation, checking location on google maps… And even reading important information about donation.


Pict. 09 | And finally appointment in my outlook, so it is almost not possible to forgot about this event.


Whole system is very mature – with internet portal, emails before and after donation, emails when some exciting events connected with service happens in closest area. As extra default communication channel they use standard mail, for sending surveys which every donor must fill before donation. for first – it saving time, but for second – it is one of the best reminder – in the analogue form.

Filling this survey, making interview with blood.co.uk crew before donation and finally getting results of medical check on demand, giving for every donor most important information. You are healthy, in good condition, you sexual experiece/activity doesn’t affect your health, blood and immune system. Enjoy the life and give us more blood!


Magic happens every time when first – machine, then – crew of blood donor center say: we finished. Time for donation is different – up to twenty minutes for standard blood donation and minimum ninety minutes for platelets. Both of them are fantastic and fascinating every time.

Full size of donation is done. For about twenty minutes after donation I can sit down, drink coffee, tea or soft drinks, eat biscuits or sweet snacks (without any criticism that I will be too fat) and get special stickers.

So, don’t wait, give blood, save life, enjoy new internal power!

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[EN] МНОГОКРАТПАЯ – new country, new rules

Posted by koprowskit on September 4, 2015

МНОГОКРАТПАЯ. Few weeks ago I started new process for my third visa to Russian Federation. With great help of Marina TerziCEE MVP Lead and Microsoft’s Bureau (better known as Microsoft Business Travel Letter Tool) I filled necessary form. And I wait, wait, wait. If you have plan to go to Russian Federation and you have polish citizenship (like me) you need visa. Tourist visa is not bad, but it’s one time (max two entrance) visa. To get visa you need invitation. It’s possible to get invitation from Russia even you don’t have any contacts in Russia. Some small tourist offices are very open to help.

But for my case МНОГОКРАТПАЯ – business visa with multiple entry is much, much better. I have been in Russia twice, and have plan for many other trips the in next Visa Year*. Because I moved from Poland to England, my standard offices for this case are: ERF – Embassy of Russian Federation (in London or Edinburgh) or RVAC – Russian Visa Application Centre (special office for all visa cases). Two weeks ago I got invitation from Microsoft Russia, valid as multiple entry for one year. Week ago I went to London to RVAC. Except security guys in entrance all staff came from Russia. As a man it was easy to discover – second place of most beautiful woman (after Poland, and ex aequo with Ukraine) in my private list is for Russian woman – it is the right place. What changes I discovered in compare of same process in Poland:

  • as entrepreneur I am responsible for covering my trips. In the past I worked for corporation, nobody ask abut anything; but now it was necessary to bring my bank account statement from last three months which confirm that I have enough money for my trip. Funny point is that I had some positive balance, enough for my first trip (100 GBP per day) but in fact this statement is nothing – I had good balance on the day of applying for visa, but my trip will start in middle of October. I have no idea what my statements will look in next two months.
  • as a resident of United Kingdom I had obligation to leave my finger prints – right fingers, left fingers and thumbs.
  • first time (I have two expired visas to Russian Federation in my passport) my actual picture has been scanned and added to visa
  • finally, I was not necessary to trip back for my passport – they use courier service for delivery (similar like USA visa offices)

    Only one problem with all od this case I had with courier service. The use DX Delivered Exactly company {LINK}. They deliver my passport to my home, but not to my hand – even package is signed as: MANDATORY SIGNATURE – but just to corridor on my building, even not on my flat door. It’s completely nonsense. They knew that passport is inside – because they get if from Russian Visa Application Centre. Even that, they just leaved package on the floor. Thankfully inside, not outside building.

IMG_2904 - copiaFinally – my advertisement.

I had no chance to make a picture of me in Leicester. But I found excellent service with standard old cameras (even digital) and extremely friendly crew on board and all pictures which you will need:

| PASSPORT PHOTO SERVICE, 449 Oxford Street, London, W1C 2PS |

| http://passportphoto.co.uk | phone 020 7629 8540 |


    * Visa Year is the calendar year of valid time for visa. It’s different than Calendar Year and Financial Year.

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    [EN] The Traveller Effect | Airports: Beograd

    Posted by koprowskit on August 28, 2015

    Aerodrom Beograd - Nikola Tesla (logo).gifAs I wrote in introductionary post for this series I start sharing my experience about travelling. Because everything began in my mind in Beograd (Capitol od Republic of Serbia) [RS] Аеродром Београд – Никола Тесла / Aerodrom Beograd – Nikola Tesla is the first. I have been in Serbia three maybe four times (outside terminal) and twice (just as interconnection). My posts about airport will have same structure now and in future (which could be reorganized for some cases):
    • for Arrivals (if you just landed)
    • for Departures (if you depart soon)
    • for InterChange (if you decide to stay at airport)
    • for Transfers (right way to and from airport)
    • other useful information

      Hope this structure will be good enough. Let’s go!

    for Arrivals

    when you landing at BEG you leaving plane (almost always) by passenger’s corridor docked of plane (by gates A or C) – except small machines such an ATR – when you use standard one small standard stairs most often at the rear (by gates B). your next step could be duty free shop (it is located on same level – level +1), next stop will be passport control (with my polish passport I don’t need visa, so just collecting new stamp). after passport control you can get you luggage, and enter to arrivals hall.

    for Departures

    when you leaving Serbia (which is really sad moment) you can check-in and drop luggage on level 0 (same as bus have their stop). if you will came earlier for example few hours earlier, you have a plenty of space for wait and even sleep. unfortunately close to entrance could be cold at night. you can find places and machines with coffee, tea and snacks on level 0, or machines and small cafe on level +1 – before passport control. when you got boarding pass, you can cross passport control. important and nice feature is – that there is no security check at this moment, so you can bring your water and drinks into the airport. after crossing border (and collecting stamp) you can eat something in cafe, make small shopping in few small shops. be prepare for security check in advance – at Nikola Tesla’s airport security control are implemented before each gates, so in this moment about one hour to forty minutes before boarding you will cross standard security check. there is no way back after security check – just directly walk to airplanes. if you fly from gates A or C you will use corridors, if from gates B you will steps down for level –1, then use standard steps from ground to aircraft.

    for InterChange

    when you have connected flights (up to few hours) or just like spending time at airports like me, few places are important: transfer service desk between gates A and C (look for map below), usually staff are friendly and of course they speak in few languages (depends on person). second point is power supply and internet connection; you can find many seats with implemented power supply (not only for laptops) but for standard usb devices with usb port, and between gates A6 and A5 is amazingly big lounge with best internet coverage in the airport. if you need more silence go to area close to gates C3-C6  or A1-A3 – less peoples, less crowd, more silence.

    for Transfers

    you can take a taxi – but be prepare for prices could be a little expensive for foreigners. typically I use public transport – in this case bus no 72 (you must back to upper level for stop on the left site of terminal. for 150 RDS (you can change money in exchange office, or use atm machine) you will go to city center in about one hour. you need to have cash and only in RSD. drivers always understand your order. if you prefer fastest way you can use express bus no A1 for 300 RSD and about forty minutes.

    pictures at an exhibition

    2K_IMG_7696 2K_IMG_7697 2K_IMG_7698

    corridors and lot of space (especially in C gates zone), smaller boxes for gates A, good traffic routes and signs

    2K_IMG_7699 2K_IMG_7700 2K_IMG_7701

    lounge big and nice space, view from window (with adverts outside), and adverts inside airports

    2K_IMG_7704 2K_IMG_7705 2K_IMG_7709

    ‘majka i dete’ space for kids and mothers, ‘rakija’ space for fathers, and workers space

    2K_IMG_7711 2K_IMG_7713 2K_IMG_7794

    not too big but big aircraft (go into/out via special corridor), smaller plane (like ATR), and optic illusion via camera

     2K_IMG_7707 2K_IMG_7714 2K_IMG_7719 2K_IMG_9720

    standard and usb power station, up the downstairs to ATR, ready to flight, and security check

    hints, tricks

    • because Serbia (and of course Beograd Aerodrome) are not in European Union, even you flight with connected flights and not leave airport (for example from Warsaw via Belgrade to Ljubljana) you will pay less on duty shop in Warsaw, because on your trip you will touch the earth in non-EU country, just say it on the shop (especially useful for alcohol or electronics)
    • if you have connected flight (for example from Warsaw via Belgrade to Ljubljana) even you will stay for one night in Beograd City (evening arrival on Thursday, evening departure on Friday – like in my case) you can drop/send your luggage directly to Ljubljana, that means you will not get your registered luggage in Beograd, so just grab your hand luggage and go
    • if you do this (the point above) your luggage will be scanned by local security officers and you can collect special sticker on your bad, as presented on last picture

    other useful information

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