Few days ago on MSDN Windows Azure Blog has been published new whitepaper about security in Microsoft Windows Azure environment. The author – Ashwin Palekar / Principal Program Manager, Windows Azure {MSDN PROFILE} – wrote on fourteen pages a lot of important information which could help in increasing security for Windows Azure. Here is the content list:

  • Abstract.
  • Introduction.
  • Guidelines for Securing Infrastructure as a Service.
  • Security Management and Threat Defense.
  • Guidelines for Securing Platform as a Service.
  • Appendix: Windows Azure Network Security Internals.
  • Isolation.
  • Microsoft Services.
  • References.

And here are two examples from this documents, abstract:

This document provides guidance on securing network communication for applications deployed in Windows Azure, enabling customers to determine how best to protect their virtual infrastructure and data.
The intended audience for this whitepaper includes:
• IT and Network administrators interested in deploying applications on Windows Azure
• Developers interested in creating applications that run on Windows Azure
• Technical decision makers (TDMs) considering Windows Azure to support new or existing services

and one of many schemas:


You can download (docx format, 579 kb) from HERE.