Three years ago in May I didn’t make anything special. It was a standard May, with long weekend (in Poland we have day off at 1st and 3rd May) in the office, and some small things. This year is completely different. Absolutely different. Very busy, very workin’, very interpersonal. Except my standard shifts (one hundred and tvelve hours in office) I use few days from my annual holiday for my community projects.

Phase One: Local Community Meetings:

  • on 7th – Geek Dinner with WrocNET (Wroclaw’s .NET User Groups) for meeting local developers, talks and solving probems |EVENT LINK|
  • on 10th – Special MeetUp with Egeniusz Bilski (pioneer of polish computer science) for celebrating his professional life |EVENT LINK|
  • on 16th – #35 MeetUp PLSSUG Wroclaw (Polish SQL Server User Group) where I will organize whole meeting in Altkom Akademia, and providing one sesson: SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2012, Developers and Administrators. Shaken, not stirred |EVENT LINK|

Phase Two: International Conferences:

  • from 2nd to 4th – in the City of Robin Hood I will work as a helper (fourth year in a row) at SQLBits XI Conference. It’s the biggest not only in UK, but in Europe and definitely the best SQL Server Community Event where I have been (and will be in future). One day of workshops and two days of conference sessions. I’m responsible for five “room monitor” tasks, packaging, post event party preparation and more. I will work with many fantastic folks and friends form SQL Server UK User Group |EVENT LINK|
  • on 23th – I will speaking about one of my favourite subject: “2 AM A Disaster just Began” in the Capitol of Transylvania – Cluj-Napoca. Fantastic IT Pro, developers, administrators team providing another edition of IT Camp (Romania). I have never been in Romania, but fantastic folks from there – which I meet on Kulen Dayz in Croatia last August – invited me few weeks ago. I have big opportunity to speaking close to other fantastic speakers: Richard Campbell, Tim Huckaby, Martin Kulov, Peter Leeson, Raffaele Rialdi, Alessandro Pilotti, Tiberiu Covaci, Cristian Lefter, Mihai Tătăran, Tudor Damian and over twelve other great speakers. Super Extra Excited |EVENT LINK|
  • from 22nd to 24th – in my home city, my community (Polish SQL Server User Group) organizing 6th edition of our annual event (second year in a row is a international event): SQLDay 2013. This event will be great too (however I missing SQLDay this year), with few international speakers such: Denny Cherry, Thomas Kejser, Chris Webb and famous Polish SQL Server MVP’s: Grzegorz Stolecki, Damian Widera, Marcin Szeliga and few more. Tickets are SOLD OUT from today! |EVENT LINK|
  • on 25th – just two days later I will provide two sessions on my second SQL Saturday this year. It should be third, but on the case of my illness I missed SQL Saturday in Copenhagen (I apologize again, David and Regis). #219 SQL Saturday will be held in Kiev (Ukraine), and I’ll talk about Windows Azure SQL Database Services and about Disasters. The other speakers come from Portugal (Niko Neugebauer) and Bulgaria (Mihail Mateev) and many folks from local SQL Family |EVENT LINK|


Phase Three: Self-Learning & Collaboration:

  • near the end of May, I will spend two days of special workshops oriented for cyber security which will be held in Brussels. It’s European project (called earlier Multi-International Experiment 7) when the security experts and consultants from almost all European Coutries Goverment Organizations, United States Goverment Agencies, representative of army (from almos all countries) and global companies working together on cyber security standards and procedures. It will be very, very exciting.

Phase Four: The interview:

  • last of my project this month, last but not least is interview in US Consulate General located in Krakow for my US Visa. If everything will be OK, I have a plan to going for my firs SQL PASS Summit in fall, and of cours MVP Summit in 2014. Well, will see.


Very, very busy month.