sqlsat162_Im_speaking_squareSeptember 2012. The Holidays (for some peoples) just over. First time ever, in the United Kingdom, exactly (from my perspective) in the center of England, SQL Server Peoples under flags: SQL Cambs and SQL PASS will meet in two days on the way of learning – with the brand: SQL Saturday. What is this? Based on SQL Saturday Home Page, the definition is simple: PASS SQLSaturday’s are free 1-day training events for SQL Server professionals that focus on local speakers, providing a variety of high-quality technical sessions, and making it all happen through the efforts of volunteers. Whether you’re attending a SQLSaturday or thinking about hosting your own, we think you’ll find it’s a great way to spend a Saturday – or any day.

Based on my previous experience (SQL Saturday in Dublin) I think that this will be really multicultural event. I expect few hundreds SQL Server fans from many different countries, such as UK, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands, United States, Portugal, Brazil and more… The schedule for this event looks fantastic:

Friday, 7th September – The PreConf Workshops Day:

  • Data Visualisation Deep-Dive using SQL Server 2012 with Jen Stirrup (MVP)
  • Buck Woody’s Ragtime DBA Workshop with Buck Woody (Microsoft)
  • A Deep-Dive into the depths of the SQL Server storage engine and MDF file format with Mark Rasmussen (SQL Internals expert)

Saturday, 8th September – The Community Conference Day:

  • Conference Keynote by Buck Woody
  • Over thirty technical sessions in all levels – from beginner to advanced users
  • Special sponsors sessions
  • Super Special Prize Draw Session

List of speakers are really impressive – I have no idea how the organizers do that:

Jen Stirrup | Mobile Business Intelligence for Everyone, Now!
Neil Hambly | Extended Events – New Age of Profiling
David Peter Hansen | Layered Partitioning – (re)load your data fast
Mark Pryce-Maher | Creating SSMS 2012 Add-ins for Crash Test Dummies
Aaron Bertrand | T-SQL : Bad Habits and Best Practices
Andrè Kamman | Practical PoSh – Design and build larger scripts
Tobiasz Koprowski | 2 AM. A Disaster just began…
Chris Testa-O’Neill | Understanding Microsoft Certification in SQL Server
Andy Leonard | Designing an SSIS Framework
David Morrison | Query Plan Operators Deep Dive
Niko Neugebauer | Inheriting a database for Developers
Gavin Payne | I want to be a better architect
Dave Ballantyne | What’s new in SQL Server 2012 – TSQL
Duncan Sutcliffe | The Magic of SQL Server 2012 BI in SharePoint
Martin Cairns | Partitioning Design for Performance and Maintainab
Bob Duffy | SQL 2012 Always On-Deep Dive
Hugo Kornelis | Make Your Queries Fly With Columnstore Indexes
Peter Baddeley | I work with SQL why should I care about SharePoint
Allan Mitchell | SQL Server 2012 SSIS Change Data Capture
Mark S. Rasmussen | Optimizing Storage and Performance Using Page and
Rob Volk | Tame Your Unruly Data…With Constraints!
Tobiasz Koprowski | Welcome to the Licensing Nightmare
Chris Webb | Intro to Tabular Model in Analysis Services 2012
Laerte Junior | Troubleshooting SQL Server with PowerShell
Alex Whittles | Merge-tastic: a better way of loading dimensions
Phil Quinn | XML: The Marmite of SQL Server
Chris Testa-O’Neill | Notes on SQL 2012 Highly Available BI Environments
Bruno Basto | SQL Internal Storage
Gavin Payne | NUMA Internals of SQL Server 2012

As You – probably – see above:


This SQL Saturday No 162 will be my first (and not last this year) SQL Saturday where I have big opportunity for speaking. And – THANK YOU ORGANIZERS – I will be speaker twice:

  • 2 AM. A Disaster just began… | Level: Intermediate | Room 3 | 09:20 AM | ABSTRACT
  • Welcome to the Licensing Nightmare | Level: Intermediate | Room 4 | 02:35 PM | ABSTRACT

So, after: SQL Bits 9 Query Across Mersey in last year, SQL Saturday No  105 (Lightening Talks) & SQL Bits X in this year – this event will be my fourth speaking and second full session in foreign language. I am really, really exciting. I You want to learn a lot of facts, myths, half-truths about SQL Server for administrators, developers, architects and managers, from real experts from different companies, from many Microsoft Certified Professionals (on every levels), from Microsoft Certified Trainers, Microsoft Certified Masters and finally from Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals just save the DATE: 7th & 8th September; PLACE: Cambridge, UK; PRICE: £190 + VAT (at 20%) for PreConfs and FREE for Saturday Conference. And of course register here: SQL Sat #162.

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