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Wednesday April 23rd 2014


[EN]/[RU] April’s Speaking Engagement [EN]/[RU] April’s »

After many conferences in Poland and Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (review of the series will be posting [...]

[EN] 00:00 Saturday, 29th March – The Day of GWAB [EN] 00:00 Saturday, 29th »

It’s Midnight of March, 29th. Today is the GWAB Day. W0000t? GWAB – better known as Global Windows [...]

[EN] The 2013 Year Recap. Few words about past and future… [EN] The 2013 Year Recap. Few »

Nothing special happened. The World not going to end, it was only 2013 Year End. On the Eve of first full [...]


[EN] SharePoint Solution Deployer »

[EN] SharePoint Solution Deployer 5 is available

Matthias Einig MVP {BLOG|TWITTER|FACEBOOK|LINKEDIN} who works with FANTASTIC TEAM at Tretton 37 and is owner Rencore AB company gave me, and other [Read More]


[PL] SharePoint w Poniedziałek (cz.6)–Designer dla 2007 i 2010 / faza druga [PL] SharePoint w »

Ponieważ nie udało nam się w poprzednim poście zainstalować obu wersji naszego [...]

[PL] SharePoint w Poniedziałek (cz.5)–Designer dla 2007 i 2010 / faza pierwsza [PL] SharePoint w »

Gdzieś tam w naszym środowisku posiadamy dwie wersje naszej ulubionej platformy do [...]

[PL] SharePoint w Poniedziałek (cz.3)–Instalacja SharePoint 2010 Server [PL] SharePoint w »

Dawno już nie pisałem nic o rozwiązaniach kolaboracyjnych, czas wrócić do [...]


[EN] Reminiscence Boulevard: MCT Zero Day 2012

[EN] Reminiscence Boulevard: MCT Zero Day 2012

Just one day before Microsoft TechEd Europe 2012 I had great opportunity to be a part of fantastic crowd of Microsoft Certified Trainers from whole Europe and not only for Europe. In Holiday Inn hotel (almost at the end of Amsterdam) almost one hundred MCT’s spent six hour on internal training, discussions, exchanging experiences and “sharing [...]

[EN] Teach You How To Sing The Blues

[EN] Teach You How To Sing The Blues

Since April 3rd I’m definitely more happy than before. Yes. This sentence doesn’t make sense… perhaps. But as Microsoft Certified Trainer as usual at the end of third quarter of Microsoft’s fiscal year I’m a little nervous for few days. Why? It’s the MCT Re-Certification process. I really like to be MCT. It’s really interesting, [...]

[EN] New Certification for SQL Server 2012

[EN] New Certification for SQL Server 2012

Microsoft SQL Server 1212 (better known as CodeName ‘DENALI’) will coming. Slowly, yes but irrevocably. Then, as SQL Server amateurs, professionals, administrators, developers, architects we should start to think about certification for this new version of our database environment. SQL Server will provide many changes: views, functions, [...]